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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Cup Draw

So here they are from UEFA the big cup fixtures:

Chelsea FC v FC Barcelona
Real Madrid CF v Arsenal FC
Werder Bremen v Juventus
FC Bayern München v AC Milan
PSV Eindhoven v Olympique Lyonnais
AFC Ajax v FC Internazionale Milano
SL Benfica v Liverpool FC
Rangers FC v Villarreal CF

However bad my purple white mad streak gets I fully accept we dont have a chance against any of those teams... well Rangers perhaps. The Berlin Oddset Cup draw isnt until 6pm. I would go down and see it live but I got stuff to do. :-(


OK now finally the fixtures:

1. FC Union - Tennis Borussia
Lichterfelde - Lübars
BFC Dynamo - 1. FC Wannsee
Hertha BSC U23 - Spandauer SV

Winners of matches 1 and 2 play each other, as do the winners of matches 3 and 4. The then respective winners meet in the final.

First opinions on the Purple Forum are quite negative but I am feeling a bit more positive. With the match to be played at the beginning of February, this means we meet Union twice in a few weeks, both in the league and in the cup. We can knock our rivals out of the cup and ruin their chances of winning the league within a few days! Union have just sacked their manager for not achieving the standard they wanted (they are still on 3 points off the top) and will be investing in new players. With a new manager with some changes to make, the pressure is on them and not on us.

I Believe in Tebe!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

PA Speaks

Here in the Purple Furom, Peter Antony has made a statement concerning new players and the winter transfer window:

nur um euch zu beruhigen. Es wird keine aufregenden Transfers geben. Auch keine überteuerten spieler. der verein wird an seiner linie mit den jungen spielern und ein paar erfahrenen stützen festhalten. aber vielleicht entwickelt sich ja einer der jungen zu einem überflieger.

vor dem rückrundenstart werden wir ( Raicko, ronny maschke und ich ) uns gerne noch einer offen diskussion stellen.

peter antony

Which reads something (quick translation) like this:

Just to calm any worries. There will be no exciting transfers. Also no overpriced players. The club will stick to its policy based upon young players and a few experienced players. Perhaps one of the youngsters will develop into a high achiever.

Before the start of the return leg, we (Raicko, ronny maschke and myself) will gladly be available for an open discussion.

peter antony

And? Are all your worries calmed?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

TeBe in the News

Photo From BZ Posted by Picasa

Here in the BZ a story about the need to improve facilities ready for the World Cup. The Mommse will be used now and again as a training ground during the tournament but some feel that out 4th division facilities arent up to the standards of the German team *hahaha* because they are good. Well the BZ has taken some grim photos of the ground and is claiming that it will have to be done up with 250,000 Euro costs. However bad it is to see your hallowed turf dissed like this, its nice to think that we could get a new pitch laid and some nice toilets. My only concern is that we might not be allowed to play there ourselves if the place is deemed too classy for us.


From TeBe.de

Erfolgreich abgeschlossen

Wir gratulieren unserem Co-Trainer Marko Maschke, der vergangene Woche in der DFB-Sportschule Köln seine Ausbildung zum Fußballlehrer erfolgreich abgeschlossen hat.

In English: Congratulations go to our Co-Trainer Marko Maschke, who successfully completed his training qualifications as a football coach at the German Football Association's Sport School in Cologne last week.

I guess thats the same as a coaching certificate but I cannot be sure. Any ideas Part-Timer?

Interesting to see how many fans feel the need to congratulate Marko Maschke. The influence of the 2 brothers on the club is still seen as negative by many fans.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Keeping The Silverware

Well the Part-timer is already linking to a match report I havent written yet, so I will take that as a boot up the backside to get in gear and write the thing.

From Tebe.de:

Sat. 10.12.2005 | 13.00 h | Ernst-Reuter-Sportfeld

Oddset-Cup, Last Sixteen:

Hertha 03: 1 - TeBe: 2

Line-Up: Ulbricht – Duygun, Schmidt, Eckl (53. Ermel) – Weidner (90. Özgöz), Petrowsky, Köttig (65. Griesert), Kollmorgen – Mansour, Lemcke – Fuß.

Goals: 0:1 (22.) Kollmorgen, 0:2 (45.) Köttig, 1:2 (75.) Kit.

Bookings: Kalyoncu, Yildiz, Niroomand, Müller, Yilmaz – Köttig.

Referee: Martin Schwemin (SV Empor).

Att: 317. (Of which perhaps 200-250 TeBe)

- The match was a very rough affair. This could have been a pub league drunen grudge match at times. Hertha 03 I guess had decided to even the playing field out a bit but this went way over the line. I am a fan of rough aggressive fighting football but there is a limit where its just not sportsmanlike anymore. The careers of a few of our younger players were seriously put at risk. Bad show Hertha 03.
- The referee looked about 15 years old and had about as much ability to control the match as his wet behind the ears look signified. A really terrible performance from him. I think he had a good knowledge of the rules and wanted a flowing game but there is a limit where you have to step in and send some people off, or at least put some names in the book. His hesitation and lack of action allowed the game to spiral into what nearly became a fight.
- Two great goals from us, both from crosses after beautifully played out passing movements. Classy stuff. Its great to see how they play so well together at present and, most importantly, how pressure, passing and posession are bringing goals at last.
- The first goal however nearly fell to them. A quick break leaving a one on one with Ulbricht. Ulbricht came out and did enough to distract their striker so that he hit the post. A lovely "Nooooooooooo" photo will soon appear below in the photo love story. With Timo and Ulbricht we have two very classy goalkeepers.
- We were standing behind Dejan for the first time, due to the location of the "dug outs" (What are the new plastic ones called Part Timer?). The whole bench was giving thoughts but Dejan seemed very much in charge. As the match got dirtier and dirtier his fear for his players was evident, the other coaching staff having to hold him back at times.
- The second half was terrible. Terrible fouls, awful referee decisions, TeBe failing to get into the match at all. A goal for Hertha 03 with about 15-20 minutes to go left a nailbiting finish.
- It was very very cold as soon as the sun went down. It took a few stations on the metro before I could feel my toes again. Many of our fans (especially the older ones) seem to live nearby but for the others it really is a long long way down there to the "Uncle Tom's Cabin" stop on the U3.
- Beers again afterwards with the team ( not for me I had to rush off). It seems that the team- fans- club relationships have been sorted out under Dejan.
- Its now winter holiday but there are some test matches tomorrow I believe in Teltow on the artificial pitch at 19.00 to test new players. Perhaps one on Friday as well. cant go so I dont know. Sorry.

- Bad match, freezing cold, unsportsmanlike play: BUT what counts is that we are in the last 8 and hopefully off to Wannsee. Draw on Friday.

Photo (No) Love Story Hertha 03

Hertha 03's stadium.  Posted by Picasa

It seems like I am either here early or there are no fans... actually neither. There is quite a crowd and I am late but as the kiosk / bar is only at the entrance then most people are behind me getting the hot wine and sausages in them.

Out come the teams. Posted by Picasa

Sadly playing in the yellow black bee costume and not in purple white but a round of applause anyways ;-)

The fans are all behind Dejan! *ducks after bad joke* Posted by Picasa

The sun is in our eyes but at least there is some sun, the only warmth on this otherwise freezing day.

Holding the line. Posted by Picasa

Its a tightly fought first 15 minutes, TeBe being in control but Hertha 03 quick on the break.

Every ball is fought for to the delight of the "Old Skool Fans", sadly sometimes too hard and some time open play creates great chances for the men in blue. Posted by Picasa

The match starts to get a bit hard. The first few hard tackles have gone without cards and the aggressive play obviously isnt nerves but a tactical decision!

"Nooooooooooooooooooooo".... "Can you score from 5 yards out?"..... "Ulbricht, Ulbricht, Hampf Parade!" Posted by Picasa

Another quick break from Hertha 03 leads to a one on one. Ulbricht comes out quickly and they hit the post, much to my relief and Schadenfreude.

But we had our chances too. Posted by Picasa

Two great goals from us and a load of chances.

Fouls Fouls Fouls. The Referee has lost control completely. Posted by Picasa

Things start to get nastier and nastier. The referee's decisions are awful.

Mmmmmmmmmm Pies.  Posted by Picasa

His physical appearance is deceptive. A lot of good saves from the Herha 03 keeper and he can jump high. Perhaps he is just wearing a lot of jumpers?

TEBE Posted by Picasa

PARTY Posted by Picasa

ARMY! Posted by Picasa

TeBe pressure Hertha 03 down all the time. Posted by Picasa

Especially in the 2nd Half where Hertha 03 really come at us and we find it hard to get into the game.

Another terrible foul. Posted by Picasa

But we start to worry whether any of our players might end up being busted badly. Why so few yellow cards, in fact have there been any?

Heads Up! Posted by Picasa

A high floating ball into the box.

A rare glimpse of unbroken play. Posted by Picasa

Very rare.... its free kick after free kick. Without any bookings though its not going to stop. Someone should have seen red by now.

Finally a yellow card! Posted by Picasa

A yellow card but its not really worth seeing this....

But only after another stupid tackle. Posted by Picasa

...seeing one of our young players completely busted like that!

Merry Christmas Dejan and Co.  Posted by Picasa

All the players can leave the pitch alive and luckily with nothing more than a few bruises.

Off in the Winter Break. Posted by Picasa

Merry Christmas to all the team and fans!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Keeping The Silverware

From Tebe.de

Sat. 10.12.2005 | 13.00 h | Ernst-Reuter-Sportfeld

Oddset-Cup, Last Sixteen: Hertha 03 - TeBe

They are not one of the favourites for the cup but this will not be an easy match. I will happily be wrong (a 4 or 5 -0 is always nice in the cup) but I think we should get through but it could be close.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Dejan Stays

From Tebe.de Posted by Picasa

Good news is that Dejan Raickovic will get a new contract as manager. After stepping in to help the club by taking on the role as an interim solution, he has managed to turn the team around.

Congratulations Dejan.


Sunday, December 04, 2005

Friday Yesilyurt

From TeBe.de

15. Spieltag | Fr, 02.12.2005 | 19.30 Uhr | Mommsenstadion

Tennis Borussia - SV Yesilyurt

TeBe 4:1 (1:0) SV Yesilyurt

Team: Hampf – Duygun, Schmidt, Eckl – Griesert (82. Köttig), Petrowsky, Mansour, Kollmorgen (60. Ermel) – Lemcke – Fuß, Vuckovic (64. Weidner).

Ref: Jan Arndt (Potsdam).

Goals: 1:0 (16.) Fuß, 2:0 (65.) Fuß, 2:1 (66., Pen) Türkkan, 3:1 (68.) Fuß, 4:1 (81.,Pen) Fuß.

Attendance: 310.

Bookings: N.A.

Red Cards: Oguz (81., Last man tactical foul on Weidner).


- Another game under Dejan, another 3 points and another position swap with the opposition in the league.
- 4 goals help that goal difference into the black and all the goals were deserved. After going ahead we played the counter attack very well with slick passing movements forward.
- That their goal only came from a very questionable penalty must also give our defence confidence. They had a few good moments but generally this was a very solid performance from us at the back. If in doubt then boot it out is working again.
- Our midfield was again very good. Nice moves, nice passes, quick on the break and fighting back where required. What is important about this change in the middle is that Fuß is getting passes again, the system is working and the goals are coming.
- Not such a convincing game for Vucko yesterday and he was subsituted off in the second half. Fuß was again back to his deadly form from years back. It was great to see him enjoying his football again and this is 8 or 9 goals in 3 or 4 games now.
- Timo as always = Football God. Only let in the 1 and that from a questionable penalty. He wasnt too far off saving it either. Really my player of the year so far and its constantly great to know that he plays for us.
- Yesilyurt nearly went 1 ahead after just a few seconds with a blinder of a free kick that hit the post. Generally they were good and looked dangerous in the first half. Came out fighting for the first 5 of the 2nd half but then collapsed.
- Watching Yesilyurt reminded me a lot of watching TeBe at the beginning of the season. Good individual players but no real team effort, little motivation and chances made but not put in. They are on a bad run and it looks like it will continue. Their trainer was very harsh at the press conference and a few of them probably went to bed without any supper that night.
- 4 - 1 was a deserved scoreline and reflected the play. The second goal for TeBe was a peach for example. A run down the right, cuts inside beats a player, passes to the left, one touch pass back into Fuß in the middle, the defence completely out played, the goalkeeper without a chance and Fuß slots it in as cool as a hitman. It really is good fun to watch this sort of football. Pure class.
- There was a good crowd in the Casino bar afterwards and many a beer was drunk.
- Peter Antony was there too and of course the trainer question came up again. After all Dejan's position is that of an interim trainer and he only stepped in to give the club time to find a suitable replacement for Theo G. The thing is that his performance so far, the dramatic change in the team and the players makes me and many fans think that he may actually be the suitable replacement himself and that he at least deserves his chance. Mr Antony, business man as he is, was not giving anything away, merely stating that Dejan's interim trainer contract was to run out shortly. We wait nervously to see what happens....

Photo Love Story

Arrival 7.15 PM. Pre-match training in the last stages. Posted by Picasa

Still no Fan Laden open so its grab a quick beer from the fridge, wrap up warm and get on the S-Bahn down to Messe Süd. A quick dash through the woods and in I go.

Practice Makes Perfect! Posted by Picasa

Quite impressive it is too to see both the teams warming up before the match under the floodlights.

-2 tonight. Thats balls freezing. Posted by Picasa

Its necessary to adopt the so called "onion" method i.e. lots of layers. Even then its cold cold cold.

10 Minutes to go and the stand is looking very empty still. Where are the Pensioner Party Army? Where are the Purple rinse crew? Posted by Picasa

As I found out later... a lot of them were just in the bar it seems.

The team get ready. Fuß still not knowing that he was to be the Santa Claus of the night. Posted by Picasa

I havent seen Fuß play this well all season. 4 goals in a match. Super and the system is working for him again.

Despite the weather still a good turn out in Block E. The stand wasnt looking so full mind you. Officially 310 there in total, which isnt bad crowd for us at all. Posted by Picasa

Every match is important still for us. It was great to see so many there, especially as the next match isnt until February due to Germany's stooopid winter break.

Most disappear into the bar at half time to get a beer, some warm wine or just to thaw out their feet. Posted by Picasa

Beer, wine or thaw out? I chose all 3.

Round 2 Lets go. Posted by Picasa

At 1-0 up its still a close game. We need to secure the 3 points.

Not the worst linesman Ive seen this season... still having a few problems with the offside rule however and cant always decide what a foul is and what it isnt. Posted by Picasa

Of course as a fan I always know better.

The team are happy.... Posted by Picasa

.....and the fans are happy. Posted by Picasa

Very happy as it happens. With a bit of luck we will make 10th in the league.

Sneaked into the press conference for some food, beer and another Dejan 30 second talk. Posted by Picasa

Still a man of few words.

Merry Christmas TeBe Party Army. Posted by Picasa

We even have purple white balls! Posted by Picasa

Beers and more beers and more beers....

Time to Go To Home. Posted by Picasa

The music gets loud, the Casino is almost empty and its time to go home.

Dreaming Purple White Posted by Picasa

And thanks once again to the runners up FC Barcelona, but now the moment youve all been waiting for, the winners of the Champions League Final this season are the players from TeBe Berlin with their genius coach the Doughnut Boy!!!