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Monday, December 12, 2005

Keeping The Silverware

Well the Part-timer is already linking to a match report I havent written yet, so I will take that as a boot up the backside to get in gear and write the thing.

From Tebe.de:

Sat. 10.12.2005 | 13.00 h | Ernst-Reuter-Sportfeld

Oddset-Cup, Last Sixteen:

Hertha 03: 1 - TeBe: 2

Line-Up: Ulbricht – Duygun, Schmidt, Eckl (53. Ermel) – Weidner (90. Özgöz), Petrowsky, Köttig (65. Griesert), Kollmorgen – Mansour, Lemcke – Fuß.

Goals: 0:1 (22.) Kollmorgen, 0:2 (45.) Köttig, 1:2 (75.) Kit.

Bookings: Kalyoncu, Yildiz, Niroomand, Müller, Yilmaz – Köttig.

Referee: Martin Schwemin (SV Empor).

Att: 317. (Of which perhaps 200-250 TeBe)

- The match was a very rough affair. This could have been a pub league drunen grudge match at times. Hertha 03 I guess had decided to even the playing field out a bit but this went way over the line. I am a fan of rough aggressive fighting football but there is a limit where its just not sportsmanlike anymore. The careers of a few of our younger players were seriously put at risk. Bad show Hertha 03.
- The referee looked about 15 years old and had about as much ability to control the match as his wet behind the ears look signified. A really terrible performance from him. I think he had a good knowledge of the rules and wanted a flowing game but there is a limit where you have to step in and send some people off, or at least put some names in the book. His hesitation and lack of action allowed the game to spiral into what nearly became a fight.
- Two great goals from us, both from crosses after beautifully played out passing movements. Classy stuff. Its great to see how they play so well together at present and, most importantly, how pressure, passing and posession are bringing goals at last.
- The first goal however nearly fell to them. A quick break leaving a one on one with Ulbricht. Ulbricht came out and did enough to distract their striker so that he hit the post. A lovely "Nooooooooooo" photo will soon appear below in the photo love story. With Timo and Ulbricht we have two very classy goalkeepers.
- We were standing behind Dejan for the first time, due to the location of the "dug outs" (What are the new plastic ones called Part Timer?). The whole bench was giving thoughts but Dejan seemed very much in charge. As the match got dirtier and dirtier his fear for his players was evident, the other coaching staff having to hold him back at times.
- The second half was terrible. Terrible fouls, awful referee decisions, TeBe failing to get into the match at all. A goal for Hertha 03 with about 15-20 minutes to go left a nailbiting finish.
- It was very very cold as soon as the sun went down. It took a few stations on the metro before I could feel my toes again. Many of our fans (especially the older ones) seem to live nearby but for the others it really is a long long way down there to the "Uncle Tom's Cabin" stop on the U3.
- Beers again afterwards with the team ( not for me I had to rush off). It seems that the team- fans- club relationships have been sorted out under Dejan.
- Its now winter holiday but there are some test matches tomorrow I believe in Teltow on the artificial pitch at 19.00 to test new players. Perhaps one on Friday as well. cant go so I dont know. Sorry.

- Bad match, freezing cold, unsportsmanlike play: BUT what counts is that we are in the last 8 and hopefully off to Wannsee. Draw on Friday.


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