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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Friday Yesilyurt

From TeBe.de

15. Spieltag | Fr, 02.12.2005 | 19.30 Uhr | Mommsenstadion

Tennis Borussia - SV Yesilyurt

TeBe 4:1 (1:0) SV Yesilyurt

Team: Hampf – Duygun, Schmidt, Eckl – Griesert (82. Köttig), Petrowsky, Mansour, Kollmorgen (60. Ermel) – Lemcke – Fuß, Vuckovic (64. Weidner).

Ref: Jan Arndt (Potsdam).

Goals: 1:0 (16.) Fuß, 2:0 (65.) Fuß, 2:1 (66., Pen) Türkkan, 3:1 (68.) Fuß, 4:1 (81.,Pen) Fuß.

Attendance: 310.

Bookings: N.A.

Red Cards: Oguz (81., Last man tactical foul on Weidner).


- Another game under Dejan, another 3 points and another position swap with the opposition in the league.
- 4 goals help that goal difference into the black and all the goals were deserved. After going ahead we played the counter attack very well with slick passing movements forward.
- That their goal only came from a very questionable penalty must also give our defence confidence. They had a few good moments but generally this was a very solid performance from us at the back. If in doubt then boot it out is working again.
- Our midfield was again very good. Nice moves, nice passes, quick on the break and fighting back where required. What is important about this change in the middle is that Fuß is getting passes again, the system is working and the goals are coming.
- Not such a convincing game for Vucko yesterday and he was subsituted off in the second half. Fuß was again back to his deadly form from years back. It was great to see him enjoying his football again and this is 8 or 9 goals in 3 or 4 games now.
- Timo as always = Football God. Only let in the 1 and that from a questionable penalty. He wasnt too far off saving it either. Really my player of the year so far and its constantly great to know that he plays for us.
- Yesilyurt nearly went 1 ahead after just a few seconds with a blinder of a free kick that hit the post. Generally they were good and looked dangerous in the first half. Came out fighting for the first 5 of the 2nd half but then collapsed.
- Watching Yesilyurt reminded me a lot of watching TeBe at the beginning of the season. Good individual players but no real team effort, little motivation and chances made but not put in. They are on a bad run and it looks like it will continue. Their trainer was very harsh at the press conference and a few of them probably went to bed without any supper that night.
- 4 - 1 was a deserved scoreline and reflected the play. The second goal for TeBe was a peach for example. A run down the right, cuts inside beats a player, passes to the left, one touch pass back into Fuß in the middle, the defence completely out played, the goalkeeper without a chance and Fuß slots it in as cool as a hitman. It really is good fun to watch this sort of football. Pure class.
- There was a good crowd in the Casino bar afterwards and many a beer was drunk.
- Peter Antony was there too and of course the trainer question came up again. After all Dejan's position is that of an interim trainer and he only stepped in to give the club time to find a suitable replacement for Theo G. The thing is that his performance so far, the dramatic change in the team and the players makes me and many fans think that he may actually be the suitable replacement himself and that he at least deserves his chance. Mr Antony, business man as he is, was not giving anything away, merely stating that Dejan's interim trainer contract was to run out shortly. We wait nervously to see what happens....


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