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Saturday, August 25, 2007

TeBe 1:2 Tuerkiyemspor

23rd August 2007, Mommsenstadion

...and things go from bad to worse for TeBe, a team who are notoriously slow starters. Well, dropping 6 points already against 2 teams we should beat on paper does not bode well for the coming 10 months.

Yet again, our only performer was allegedly Halil Savran; our playmaker 'dervish', Ergidi, was man-marked by an enforcer and was thus rendered anonymous; misplaced passes allez, no play down the flanks, diagonal balls though the middle cutting holes in our new defence (Thiam still injured, Below had to go off early), not enough working back from the wingers and strikers, etc etc (thanks to Lila Kanal, I've paraphrased some of the comments).

3 games in and we're already 6 points behind the leaders and the 'stay-in-the-same-league' positions. A sorry picture, similar to last season when we were realistically out of the picture by the end of September, is emerging. Good old TeBe.

I await with baited breath for match reports from Doughnut Boy, who's soon back in Berlin. I imagine he'll be none-too-keen on going along regularly to watch bog-standard Oberliga dross. I don't blame him. I'm kinda glad I'm not going to be in Berlin this year.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Neustrelitz 1:0 TeBe

Good old TeBe, reliable as ever. From last week's euphoria of a 4-0 home win over Torgelow with 10 men and Savran, last year's POTY, scoring 4 headers, to a deeply disappointing 1-0 defeat away to Neustrelitz, a big let down for a relatively large travelling support of 40+ fans. No cohesion, poor passing, some 100% chances missed and no real commitment. Not good reading on Lila Kanal.

Qualifying for the new Oberliga (we must finish 3rd or above this season) is going to be damn hard. Hertha and Hansa Roctock Amateurs have already signalled their intentions by winning both their openers, and there's a lot of teams in the mix with the potential to come third, not least BAK, and even Dynamo. TeBe can't afford many more such reverses. I already have a sense of foreboding...

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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Season Starts Here... Or No, Wait, Over There, erm...

TeBe's 2007/08 Oberliga season should have started on Sunday in the Mommse against Torgelow. But it won't. The reason?


You really couldn't make it up. "Mushrooms stopped play".

So we have to move to Makkabi's grounds a little distance away to play there. Apparently our next game might be in danger at the Mommse as well. Not only is this annoying and an inconvienience for the fans, it also represents a huge loss of revenue for TeBe.

Mommse must be one of the worst pitches in the world. Numerous matches were called off last year through waterlogging after a light drizzle.

Peinlich. [Embarrasing]