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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Berlin Cup Final, 4th June 2008

A poor consolation to a very poor season, but a day out in Mauerpark and a final nonetheless, I would let our Seconds play if it weren't a bit of an insult to our Union-defeating opponents, Hermsdorf:

I won't be there, too expensive to get to Berlin from Aarhus, so Doughnut Boy will have to keep us informed *sob*.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Plump Female Is Chanting Loud and Clear

02.05.08 TeBe 1 Hansa II 6 (SIX, in true videprinter style)

09.05.08 Greifswald 2 TeBe 1

TeBe tonight were mathematically relegated to the restructured 5th division (ie they've no hope no of staying at the same level, league 4, by finishing in the top four). The abuse on Lila Kanal has been flying all week (bunch of effing mercenaries, a load of characterless shitebags etc) after the absolute nadir of another 5-goal home drubbing, now despair and resignation is kicking in. You know when someone like Endi is thinking of packing it in that things really are THAT bad.

Cup Final's on 4th June, I'm thinking of flying over for it, not so much to see the team but rather to see old friends and maybe say farewell. I can't see myself ever living in Berlin again, and there's a good possibility that there may be no TeBe soon.

Ich habe fertig.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

TeBe vs Hansa 2

Tonight, 7pm Mommse

I am not in Germany at the minute so it is live ticker for me, if i can be bothered. TeBe need to win all their matches now and some fans have been looking at the table and wondering how it got so bad:

1 Hertha BSC II 22 17 4 1 58 : 11 47 55
2 FC Hansa Rostock II 22 14 5 3 58 : 18 40 47
3 Türkiyemspor Berlin 22 14 4 4 36 : 16 20 46
4 Greifswalder SV 04 23 13 4 6 48 : 29 19 43
5 Optik Rathenow 23 12 6 5 31 : 21 10 42
6 Tennis Borussia 22 12 4 6 52 : 25 27 40
7 BFC Dynamo 22 10 7 5 34 : 19 15 37

Well this is how it has been for 4 weeks now - since this blog said it was almost impossible to get spot 1-3 and a fourth place very unlikely. The difference between this blog and the opinions of others voiced in Lila Kanal seems to be partly their wearing of purple white glasses and partly a complete inability at mathematics. When this blog said doom and Peter A said that there was everything still to play for then it was clear to everyone that TeBe were fcuked. Despite the poor table position, the results of the last weeks have actually gone TeBe's way, with BFC Dynamo leaving the race and the teams above us being the ones we still can beat ourselves in the later fixtures. It could be worse than this, but TeBe won their last two matches and the rivals failed. But please before we get excited, TeBe were playing teams that are sitting at the bottom of the league with nothing to play for... and TeBe still struggled against BAK and looked weak at times against Spandau.

Tonight TeBe meet Hansa 2, a team from the top with ambition, good players, a real trainer and a defence that does not fall asleep for large periods of the match. The only thing we have that they do not is Treasure AG and whether that is a bonus or not ..well time will only tell.

So with a realistic approach to tonight's match, and in view of the punk is dead discussion, I dedicate this song to this evening's Oberliga game:

They think it's all over....