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Monday, December 12, 2005

Photo (No) Love Story Hertha 03

Hertha 03's stadium.  Posted by Picasa

It seems like I am either here early or there are no fans... actually neither. There is quite a crowd and I am late but as the kiosk / bar is only at the entrance then most people are behind me getting the hot wine and sausages in them.

Out come the teams. Posted by Picasa

Sadly playing in the yellow black bee costume and not in purple white but a round of applause anyways ;-)

The fans are all behind Dejan! *ducks after bad joke* Posted by Picasa

The sun is in our eyes but at least there is some sun, the only warmth on this otherwise freezing day.

Holding the line. Posted by Picasa

Its a tightly fought first 15 minutes, TeBe being in control but Hertha 03 quick on the break.

Every ball is fought for to the delight of the "Old Skool Fans", sadly sometimes too hard and some time open play creates great chances for the men in blue. Posted by Picasa

The match starts to get a bit hard. The first few hard tackles have gone without cards and the aggressive play obviously isnt nerves but a tactical decision!

"Nooooooooooooooooooooo".... "Can you score from 5 yards out?"..... "Ulbricht, Ulbricht, Hampf Parade!" Posted by Picasa

Another quick break from Hertha 03 leads to a one on one. Ulbricht comes out quickly and they hit the post, much to my relief and Schadenfreude.

But we had our chances too. Posted by Picasa

Two great goals from us and a load of chances.

Fouls Fouls Fouls. The Referee has lost control completely. Posted by Picasa

Things start to get nastier and nastier. The referee's decisions are awful.

Mmmmmmmmmm Pies.  Posted by Picasa

His physical appearance is deceptive. A lot of good saves from the Herha 03 keeper and he can jump high. Perhaps he is just wearing a lot of jumpers?

TEBE Posted by Picasa

PARTY Posted by Picasa

ARMY! Posted by Picasa

TeBe pressure Hertha 03 down all the time. Posted by Picasa

Especially in the 2nd Half where Hertha 03 really come at us and we find it hard to get into the game.

Another terrible foul. Posted by Picasa

But we start to worry whether any of our players might end up being busted badly. Why so few yellow cards, in fact have there been any?

Heads Up! Posted by Picasa

A high floating ball into the box.

A rare glimpse of unbroken play. Posted by Picasa

Very rare.... its free kick after free kick. Without any bookings though its not going to stop. Someone should have seen red by now.

Finally a yellow card! Posted by Picasa

A yellow card but its not really worth seeing this....

But only after another stupid tackle. Posted by Picasa

...seeing one of our young players completely busted like that!

Merry Christmas Dejan and Co.  Posted by Picasa

All the players can leave the pitch alive and luckily with nothing more than a few bruises.

Off in the Winter Break. Posted by Picasa

Merry Christmas to all the team and fans!


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