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Monday, May 28, 2007

TeBe 1:1 MSV Neuruppin

Sunday 27th May, 2007.

TeBe: Greil - Borkowski (Scheimann) - Below - Eckl - Müller (Filiz) - Petrowsky - Kurbjuweit - Lemcke - Hampf (Condé) - Fuß - Savran

Scorer: Savran (81)

Attendance: 253

Drenched, drunk, draw. Best way to sum up this match.

TeBe generally laboured, and I thought played pretty poorly. Neuruppin needed the win to stay up, given that Schoenberg and probably Yesilyurt will pull out of the league, and it looked it, they were simply hungrier, played the better football and missed more than one 100% chance, a few after one-on-ones. They (in my opinion) deservedly took the lead with a lovely header from a floated in free-kick.

TBH, yet again, we were playing with goalkeeper Timo Hampf outfield, and 2 youth team players, and the other first-team regulars seemed tired after recent exertions. We finally seemed to want to play after going behind, and Halil missed a penalty after Timo(!) was fouled in the box. We continued to push, and Halil made up for this earlier error with an equaliser (erm, I missed the goal as I was at the toilet at the time, we hadn't looked like scoring at that point and I thought it was the perfect time to relieve myself, apparently not :( ) We then nearly won it, a goalmouth scramble and a couple of great saves from their keeper keeping them level, but that was it, Hansa II had lost so we missed the chance to finish the season in 2nd place, and Eberswalde lost and thus were relegated.

Again, I thought Lemcke played well, had a quick word with him after the game, and it's not yet clear if he'll stay at TeBe next year, I'd keep him, his performances in the last couple of months have been impressive. Eckl was his usual busy energetic self, have been impressed with him recently too. Below was good again, commanding and keeps things simple, and Savran worked without much reward. I got a photo with my POTY, and tbh I'm not sure he'll be at TeBe next year. According to the rumours, Greil is leaving, Fuss will stay (you'll need to improve next year Micha, when was the last time you scored?) Question marks remain over Griesert, who imo has flattered to deceive this year, and should have done more; Galic is injured too much, and must be surely on his way; and I'm not sure if Weidner will be back. I'd be amazed if Thiam was still here next year, though a source told me he is staying.

Other notes on yesterday: despite the terrible weather, the Party Army was in good voice, possibly inspired by a posse of loud cheerful MSV fans with a drum. We stayed put, despite the option of going into the stand, and everyone seemed to be on good form, despite the poor fayre on show on the pitch.

TeBe are one of the co-sponsors and supporters of the 'Respect Gaymes' in Berlin next month, and as such, banners were hanging supporting the initiative, plus some cool music at half-time from DJ Bungle (where were you after the match? :( ) and the following scoreboard display:

A big big thank you to Christian, doing work experience at the moment for TeBe, and his group of school mates, who provided tasty cocktails for the past 3 games, raising funds for their A-Level school formal; unfortunately, due to the inclement weather, they didn't make as much money as they would have wanted, and TeBe's poor crowds the past few games couldn't have helped, but they were certainly valued by Block E, and there can't be too many grounds in Germany that have their own cocktail stand! Good work, fella!

A thank you too to whichever TeBe player it was who donated a keg of beer for the fans, it in no small part contributed to me being really drunk and sleeping for 14 hours today... everyone was in top spirits after the match, was nice chatting with everyone again, especially Jarred, another Party Army legionnaire, who even prefers to travel to the Mommse from Potsdam than to watch his local team, the 'boring' Babelsberg! This will be my last match report for quite some time, as I'm moving away, we'll have to hope Doughnut Boy keps them up, but given his sloth, I'll not hold my breath! A big hello to our occasional reader from Canada, I hope things are going well for you Ryan, we miss you! And to Block E et al: Despite our occasional disagreements, I always enjoy watching football and having a drink with you, and I'm gonna miss you all. See some of you in Hamburg in a couple of weeks!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

TeBe 3:2 Lichterfelde FC

Thursday 24th May, 2007.

TeBe: Greil - Eckl, Below, Milanovic - Kurbjuweit (79. Hampf), Kalkan, Lemcke (72. Borkowski), Petrowsky, Savran - Yilmaz (30. Yaziki), Fuß.

Goals: Savran (2), Lemcke

Attendance: 258

Typical end of season fayre in a baking hot temperature. I got there 20 minutes late as I had to work; cue many funny looks from Block E at the sight of me in business-like shirt and trousers. I knew what kind of game it was going to be - relaxed, end-of-season, no-one giving a shit- when I saw Block E - they were all sat down, drinking cocktails and chatting, tut tut:

They fully deserved my reproach of "Keine Stimmung, keine Fans, Borussia!" [no atmsphere, no fans, Borussia]! I heard a small cheer on my walk to the ground, so I was fairly sure we were 1-0 down. We didn't take too long to get back into the game, Lemcke (who had another good game, he's been impressive recently) scored the equaliser, a powerful header from a great Savran cross; then Savran came into his own.

IMO, Halil Savran has been our Player of the Year. I know he hasn't scored THAT many goals, but let's be honest, the service he has got at times has been shocking, but he has never stopped working, running, he has loads of skill, can go past players, has a great shot and scores important goals (Babelsberg away);he's now scored 4 in 3.

He put TeBe into the lead with a great turn and shot from 20 yards not long into the second half, LFC equalised, then, after the introduction of Timo Hampf once more upfront (yet again the team was decimated by injuries or whatever) had disorientated the LFC defence, up popped Halil to head in the winner for TeBe.

Block E, quite empty

Stand, even emptier

Not much else to report, a nothing game, it seems very few people seem to care anymore, very poor crowd, no ticker on Lila Kanal and virtually no reports on the game at all, plus lots of missing regulars. Nice enough atmosphere (only 2 songs sung all match, probably because the more vocal elements of Block E were called upon to perform ball-boy duties, which they were rubbish at, they were only there for the beer! :)

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Who are ya? Who are ya?

Well the Party Army of course:

TeBe Party Army!

The TeBe-Fan team are playing here this weekend in Hamburg for the second time under their new name of Tebe Party Army. The decision to no longer name the team after the fanzine Lila Laune is mainly due to two reasons.

The first is that the publication dates for the one time world’s best football magazines are no longer separated by merely weeks or even months, but years: Number 102, the last edition, hit the shelves way back in 2004. Age has brought the editorial team not just wisdom but also placed the responsibilities of relationships and careers into the forefront of their lives, where they have eaten into the youthful energy of the past. It’s also true that half a decade of lower league football has taken its toll on the once enthusiastic journalistic team.

The second reason is that, despite the lower league blues, the active fan scene has managed to recruit a whole new generation of young fans. The glory days of the TeBe fan scene, undoubtedly peaking with the BAFF fanzine prize-winning Lila Laune edition of 1999, are but the stuff of legends for this new wave of supporters. For them these stories of old are on a par with the myths of the Loch Ness Monster or the Golem of Prague, tales of the past told by old men in smoky bars.

These glory days were nonetheless decisive in determining the direction in which the fan scene developed. Take a quick look back to the year 1996 and the Regional Division North East era: The frequent anti-Semitic, homophobic and xenophobic attitudes that confronted us back then, sometimes also leading to actual physical attacks against TeBe fans in the “wild east”, raised awareness and opposition among the fan scene towards violence and racism in and around football stadiums. Tennis Borussia fans were to a certain degree politicised by their negative experiences with fans from Köpenick (FC Union Berlin), Dresden and Erfurt to name a few examples, and it was during this phase, with edition 9 to be exact, that the Fan-club magazine “Adler-Report” changed its name to “Lila Laune”. The Fan club newspaper had become more than just that - it had developed into a fanzine and the contents had changed too with articles clearly rejecting racism and violence in our beautiful game. Lila Laune became the mouthpiece of the then younger fan scene at TeBe, promoted by word of mouth and self-advertising, the supporters club that was opened up as an initiative by the active core of the fan scene in 1997 playing a crucial role. Although the supporters club currently lacks a suitable location, the last venue having sadly been shut down a few years back, it brought many new fans into the active scene, fans who are mostly still today active in the mission of continuing to build up our colourful and cosmopolitan scene, as well as representing the interests of the fans in the club and getting involved in the running and regulating of the internal affairs at Tennis Borussia. This movement has had the effect of opening up diverse potential in the scene that act alongside the Lila Laune fanzine. These include numerous flyers and posters to various themes, the establishment of an independent self-run fan organisation FKB (Football Culture in Berlin) that has organised a wide range of cultural events on and around the theme of football and more recently the active involvement in club affairs.

Lila Laune the team, a.k.a. Tebe Party Army, doesn’t have a set squad and their varied line up makes them a wild card at any tournament. This explains their unpredictable run of colourful wins and dismal defeats at diverse tournaments over the past years, including Rostock, Leipzig, Babelsberg, Montecchio and of course here in Hamburg.

The TeBe Party Army is pleased to be invited here to Hamburg again for the third time, and not just for the football. The event is an important and exclusive chance for us to network and share the weekend once again with anti-racist fans from all over Europe, fans that we would not have had the pleasure to meet without the opportunity that this great tournament provides. On this note our special regards go to our friends from the Vienna “Friedhofstribüne” and to the “Filmstadtinferno” from Babelsberg.

So our motto this weekend is: PURPLE-WHITE, ANTI-RACIST IDEALISM – nothing more and nothing less!

Postfach 35 08 54
10217 Berlin

http://tebepartyarmy.blogspot.com/ (in english)

TeBe Party Army

This is for the Sankt Pauli fan tournament - weekend 15-17th June this year in Hamburg and will be part of a little series on articles on the only team in Hamburg that we will bring out over the next few weeks. The TeBe Party Army is off to Magdeburg to see them play against Magdeburg and most likely get promoted, then there is the tournament itself - perhaps with some live blogging if we get that sorted - and i will hold my promise to Bungle to write down my thoughts on the club as a whole .

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Torgelower Greif 0:1 TeBe

After the last couple of pathetic away showings, and me staying out till 5am this morning, I decided to give this game a miss. Apparently we won 1-0, Kurbjuweit scoring the winner in injury time.

What is embarrassing and worrying for the future of TeBe is that we travelled to this fixture with only TWELVE players, including 4 kids from the youth team. Dear oh dear. Fair play to those hardy/foolish fans who made the journey, glad your trip back was better than our last long-distance trip.

On a gorgeous day, we went to the park instead. And no doubt witnessed a much superior feast of football, played by someone with pace, skill, good close control, bite, and will-to-win. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:

Didier Dogba!

Little bit ball greedy, but you can't have everything :)

Oh, and well done to Babelsberg for FINALLY getting promoted, despite their best attempts in the past few months to throw it away. See you in Autumn '08!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

TeBe 5:1 Germania Schoeneiche

Thursday 17th May, 2007

TeBe: Ulbricht - Eckl, Below, Steinhage (31. Greil) - Kurbjuweit, Scholl, Lemcke, Petrowsky, Savran - Fuß, Hampf.

Goals: Lemcke, Savran, Fuss, Greil (!), OG.

Attendance: 279

A highly entertaining game and not your usual end-of-season fayre came as a pleasant surprise to these two international E-blockers who were reluctant to even go to the game. TeBe played some lovely passing football and scored some great goals against an admittedly pisspoor opponent.

The big surprise of the day was that due to injuries, TeBe had THREE goalkeepers on the pitch! The young 'un, Ulbricht, was between the posts, Timo Hampf (football God), scorer of a goal in an easy cup win at the start of the season, started up front, then due to the injury of Steinhage, our THIRD goalie, Manu Greil, came on! I find it hard to believe that we have that many injuries, I know TeBe are in a bad way at the moment, but it can't be that bad, surely?

Timo in Action!

To be honest, us playing 3 goalies was a bit of a pisstake and an embarrassment, as this was a League match with points at stake; I guess I have to give the club the benefit of the doubt re injuries, needs must etc; but today showed us 2 more things:

1. How appallingly bad this league is when TeBe can beat Schoeneiche 5-1 with effectively 9 men. The two outfield goalies laboured and ran all day, but their overall contribution was negligable.

2. How appalling our team has played this season to drop points and even lose against teams of this standard (think Eberswalde, think BFC, think Yesilyurt). Maybe we should have played the goalies outfield all season!

The biggest cheer of the day, and the biggest surprise, was Manu Greil SCORING! He scored the 4th goal, leaping like a salmon to head in a punted-forward high free-kick. Cue cries of

"TeBe Torwart Army!" [TeBe goalie army] and
"Auf gehts Timo schiess ein Tor!" [let's go Timo, score a goal, to the other keeper, which unfortunately he didn't]

Norbert Lemcke opened the scoring with a peach from 25 yards, he played really well today, was everywhere, his passing was good, he ran and ran.
The second goal was scored by Halil Savran after great build-up from Fuss; Halil is probably my Player of the Season, loads of skill, has scored goals despite poor service this year, and always tries.
Fuss scored the third after a great through-ball from Lemcke(?), going round the keeper, pulling it back, and knocking it into the empty net. He looked much more like his old self today.
GS pulled one back from the spot after Scholl(?) was lucky to see only yellow for a blatant stupid handball in the box from a corner.
I told you about Manu's fourth, the fifth was an own goal, and you can see it here at the end of 'Manu Cam':

Manu Cam! and Fifth goal

Jens Eckl impressed today too, never stopped running and linked the play between midfield and attack well; School had a strong game, but TeBe were never really threatened at the back.

Timo in Action

But the real hero today, as always, was Timo Hampf. He never stopped running, and you'll see from these videos how a) knackered he was afterwards, and b) how much he loves TeBe and the fans. Well done that man!

Timo Cam! Timo after 90 minutes of sheer hell...

All in all, today was a great day. 6 goals, lots of entertainment, Biber the beer-pouring and -dispensing King is back, there was a cocktail stand! with tasty cocktails, the only poor thing was DJ Bungle's broken music system; I blame the birds for nesting in with the cables. Oh, and the attendance was poor too, as you can see from the sparse and flag-free Block E:



Photos here.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Parade Cancelled

Even if some of the fans were tempted tonight because of rumours of a cocktail bar - well it seems that the big man upstairs has decided that he has had enough. 5 days of grey skies and rain and a storm this morning mean that there will be no TeBe match tonight. Fans of quality football can come out from under the bed covers - There is nothing to fear this evening.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fair Weather Fans of Football ALLEZ!

Well I guess I owe most of our regular readers a bit of an apology..... 5 matches and not a word from me, which is ok if you are living in Germany or "speaking ze Doitsch" but a bummer if you are trying to follow the Party Army from a far off land where the idea of learning German seems about as sensible as betting on Man City winning the premiership. So sorry that the only source of purple white information for the English speaking world was offline but well we couldnt be arsed.... Those who want to gradually learn the results please skip the next inch of blog entry.

Babelsberg, Wank, Wank, Wank! Resignation

So after the depressing Eberswalder and BFC Dynamo matches I will start with the positive.... our home match against the top of the table dwarfs of Babel from the outskirts of Potsdam: A village outside a village. Babelsberg were one of my and Belfasters faves for this season after their impressive position last season. Hardly rocket science that to guess that a team that came above us last season might be favourites to come above us this season but this logic was obviously seen as flawed by some of the football minds in the board room, or more likely in the Casino bar. But TeBe beat Babelsberg 3-1 away earlier in the season and although the idea of promotion had just become a matter of numerical possibilities for us by then, well it would have been good to spank them twice in the year.... and I wasnt disappointed:

23. Matchday | Fr, 13.04.2007 | 7.30 PM | Mommsenstadion

Tennis Borussia - SV Babelsberg 03
1:0 (1:0)

Line-up: Hampf - Schalle, Below, Konal - Griesert, Camara (63. Scholl), Kurbjuweit (72. Yilmaz), Petrowsky, Galic - Fuß (87. Kalkan), Savran.
Referee: Gerber (Chemnitz).
Goals: 1:0 (28.) Galic.
Fans: 1489.
Bookings: Below, Fuß, Savran - Moritz, Zenk, Prochnow.

So I guess this was the point where i felt that my pride as a TeBe Fan had been saved. Babelsberg are going up but TeBe would be the only team that could beat them twice this season and certainly one of the few teams to beat them at all.

It was now time to assess the failures, watch the heads roll and see what can be saved for the next season and where the team and management needs to rip it all out and start from scratch. With nobody in charge it was time for someone to take over, jumping in at the helm of this great club before its too late.... I dont know any of the candidates, dont understand such complicated stuff in Germany but as a member of the club this is one general meeting that i will go to and cast my vote... i cant wait. But the other matches.... well they are a different story.

So in no particular order as I dont really remember the order.
21. Matchday | Mo, 09.04.2007 | 2.00pm | Mommsenstadion
Tennis Borussia - Ludwigsfelder FC
TeBe 0:0 Ludwigsfelder FC
Team: Hampf - Konal, Below, Galic - Kurbjuweit, Scholl (46. Camara), Lemcke (66. Yilmaz), Petrowsky, Griesert - Savran, Fuß.
Referee: Oehme (Witzschdorf).
Fans: 381.
Bookings: Galic - Klatt, Haß.

This was a really dismal affair just a few days before the Babelsberg match and TeBe rarely looked dangerous, never seemed to play as a team and this seemed at the time to be the most boring that football can get... well at the time at least. Then came the match after Babelsberg....
24. Spieltag | So, 22.04.2007 | 14.00 Uhr | Jahnstadion
FC Schönberg 95 - Tennis Borussia
FC Schönberg 95 0:2 TeBe
Team: Hampf – Konal (76. Filiz), Below, Galic – Kurbjuweit (69. Karadag), Scholl, Yilmaz (60. Kalkon), Petrowsky, Griesert – Savran, Fuß.
Referee: Gunnar Melms (Osterburg).
Goals: 1:0 (12.) Ören, 2:0 (15.) Malchow, 3:0 (49.) Malchow.
Fans: 293.
Bookings: None

So now the Doughnut Boy is moaning about a win you think... but read that goals section again and yes TeBe actually lost this match 3-0, an absolutely dismal performance. Fans who travelled 3 hours there and 3 back were so annoyed afterwards that some (admittedly seemingly a bit drunk) went and confronted the team afterwards by sitting in front of their bus.

To be honest I didnt know who i would blame: The team did us proud against Babelsberg but with a few injuries, low morale, irrelevent matches, still no consistent squad and probably little or no pay what do I really expect? Still no word on any new management so who is meant to deal with contracts and the like anyways. For the next game some of the fans decided to take board games and sports equipment and play in Block E themselves under a "100%" motto. Not being at the match before I found it all a bit over the top and watched the match talking to a groundhopper from London - sadly a West Ham fan but a good man for a story or three. The performance was better though:

25. Matchday | Fr, 27.04.2007 | 7.30 pm | Mommsenstadion
Tennis Borussia - TSG Neustrelitz
TeBe 2:0 (1:0) TSG Neustrelitz

Team: Hampf - Schalle, Below, Galic - Kurbjuweit (76. Karadag), Scholl (61. Camara), Lemcke, Petrowsky, Griesert - Fuß, Savran.
Referee: Hartig (Freital).
Goals: 1:0 (38.) Savran, 2:0 (53.) Savran.
Fan: 273.
Bookings: Petrowsky

Not a bad performance really but then came last week and the match against BAK.

26. Matchday | Su, 06.05.2007 | 2.00 pm | Jahn-Sportpark
Berlin Ankaraspor - Tennis Borussia
Berlin Ankaraspor 5:2 (2:1) TeBe

Team: Hampf - Eckl (Kalkan) - Scholl - Schalle - Lemcke - Griesert - Petrowsky - Kurbjuweit (Camara) - Karadag (Yilmaz)- Fuß - Savran
Referee: Marco Schramm
Goals: 0:1 Fuß (7.), 1:1 Türkkan (13.), 2:1 Diop (46.), 3:1 Türkkan (53.), 4:1 Türkkan ( 67.), 5:1 Selimi (70.), 5:2 Yilmaz (76.)
Fans: 148
Bookings: Yilmaz

This wasnt a game - this was a massacre. BAK could have scored ten but Timo made some blinding saves. The defence just didnt work and after the bite of the first 10 minutes the attack started to miss and might as well not have played the 2nd half. The midfield couldnt string two passes together and rarely even managed 1.

So TeBe currently have:

1. No management and the GM isnt for another month.
2. They badly need to sort out their squad.
3. Sorry Dejan but its time for a new coach.
4. They need perspective....
5. And a f**king miracle.

With a month until a new management can even be appointed it doesnt look good for securing new players or keeping current players on contracts because the summer break will be well upon us by the time the management situation is sorted. Basically we are in trouble and among a lot of fans there is a gradual "just dont give a shit" depression hanging over our heads.
"So why the pictures of Paris Hilton?" I hear you ask.
Well to be honest i dont really know who she is BUT I read yesterday that she is appealing against going to prison for drink driving by claiming that:

She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives.

That was the role that TeBe played in my life but the recent performances (apart from Babelsberg) dont deserve any photos and certainly havent provided any beauty or excitement into my very mundane life. So Party Army readers can have Paris instead and feel free to sign her fan petition HERE. Its cheaper, more amusing and certainly brings more to your mundane lives to sign a petition than go to the Mommse in these dark days for purple and white football.

Quick Update

A series of turgid performances, plus a 3-week lack of internet, have led to this site not being updated for so long. Tbh, I'm thoroughly disillusioned with TeBe at the moment, and what the future holds. Antony resigned a month and a half ago, the AGM isn't for another month, and thus the club is totally in limbo. The players don't know what next year holds, rumours abound of non-payment of players, which would come as no surprise given what the Maschkes alleged after their departure in the Winter Break, training facilities are a joke, rumours abound that many players aren't even turning up for training anymore, but prefer to just work more, and the club seems to be in total disarray. Performances on the pitch have, with 1 (and a half) minor exception(s), mirrored the total uncertainty clouding the club. Here's a very quick round-up:

Mo, 09.04.2007 (h) Ludwigsfelde: 0-0 Attendance: 381

A passionless performance on an Easter Monday afternoon, both sides had chances to win, both hitting the woodwork. A free beer for all to celebrate TeBe's 105th birthday, the most dramatic event of the day was me dropping and breaking my camera, hence the lack of photos from the following games. Oh, and we had more fun writing stupid things on the terraces with chalk than watching the game.

Fr, 13.04.2007 (h) Babelsberg 03: 1-0 (Galic) Attendance: 1489

Yet again, TeBe show they can play and battle to complete a league double against runaway league champions SVB03. Great performance, great crowd, great atmosphere. But this performance typified TeBe this year: only showing commitment and battling qualities against big teams. Not how you win leagues. My highlight was singing "Ihr seid nur ein Punktelieferant!", the floodlight banner and singing "Flutlichter allez!", and the cracking looking mass choreo, with flags, purple and white toilet roll, confetti et al:

Cracking photos of the match here.

So, 22.04.2007 (a) Schoenberg 05: 0-3 Attendance: 293

Pathetic. Appalling. 90 minutes devoid of effort, skill, of anyone giving a shit in purple and white. Was a nice journey, 7 hours return, nice lunch and nice stop-off in Schwerin, and good entertainment on the train with the old man sober casual crew (the less said about Land Fluss Stadt, the better, me getting 'V' and 'W' mixed up, muppet), and the stadium and Schoenberg fans were nice, will miss that away trip, but the team really pissed me off. We still got the three points though as 05 didn't have enough German U23 players in attendance, a travesty of justice.

Fr, 27.04.2007 (h) Neustrelitz: 2-0 (Savran 2) Attendance: 273

TeBe played OK. Savran was great. Fuss woefully off-form. As the weather was nice, we entertained ourselves by playing beach ball, badminton, frisbee and the like. I talked for ages to a West Ham groundhopper. The drop-off in attendance says it all about the finish to this season.

So, 06.05.2007 (a) BAK: 2-5 (Fuss, Yilmaz) Attendance: 148

Doughnut Boy wrote to me saying it was the worst second half of football played by a team that he'd ever seen. Lila Kanal doesn't make for pretty reading. To be honest, by this stage of the season, TeBe have become fairly indifferent to me. I wasn't in attendance, as I was seeing my first love, Linfield, win the Irish Cup.

I'm not even sure I'm going to go on Friday night, despite the added attraction of Biber making a glorious return. I know there are huge problems within the team and the club, but with how they're playing and the effort put in, I find the temptation of watching the paint in my house dry altogether more attractive.

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