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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Upcoming Fixtures

2 Home Games and more of the dreaded "English Weeks"

27th Match Day | Sun, 30.04.2006 | 14.00 | Mommsenstadion

Tennis Borussia - MSV Neuruppin

And a match to be replayed:

22nd Match Day | Wed, 03.05.2006 | 19.30 | Mommsenstadion

Tennis Borussia - Berliner AK

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Photo Love Story B 05


19. Matchday | Wed, 26.04.2006 | 19.00 | Karl-Liebknecht-Stadion

SV Babelsberg 03 - Tennis Borussia

SV Babelsberg 03 1:2 (0:1) TeBe

Team: Bolu - Schalle, Schmidt, Eckl - Duygun, Below (57. Lemcke), Mansour, Petrowsky (62. Thomson), Kollmorgen (73. Perez) - Kadow, Fuß.

Ref: René Rohde (Rostock).

Goals: 0:1 Schmidt (5.), 0:2 Kadow (89.), 1:2 Arsovic (90.).

Att: 1420

Just quick today because this wasnt just a normal football match:

- TeBe got an early lead and held on in a sometimes rather scrappy game.

- 0-2 up and the match was secured. The 2-1 goal from Babelsberg looked unstoppable to me. A win by 2 goals would have been unfair to them but I think 1-2 was the correct result.

- All the proceeds from the match went to the family of Ermyas. The game brought in over 2500 Euros.

- Both teams seemed a bit tired.


When I hear stories from more experienced TeBe fans ;-) it is very strange to hear about Babelsberg. Up until a few years ago there was a bitter rivalry between the two clubs, TeBe being the "shit", "rich", "Jewish" team from the "West". In recent years the fans have become very active and have reclaimed their fan scene. The Fanladen near the stadium is friendly and cheap, the politics are amazingly correct and TeBe are seen as a good team to play against. No hassle, no stress and no assholes.

Babelsberg fans are very much into their "ultra" identity and have a passion for making banners, waving flags and burning things.... all very professional too. This is before the match and the banner reads:

Go Babelsberg! You will win! You will Defeat Them!

Now TeBe dont really usually get into the choreo stuff but some fans decided to make a bit of an effort for the Babelsberger. The banner reads:

We Say Hi To Our Friends From Babelsberg 05!

The 05 a reference to a crushing defeat as opposed to their real name of Babelsberg 03.

The match kicks off. TeBe look prepared. I had a good feeling but I thought we would win anyways.


As many may have heard, a guy named Ermyas was beaten up by neo-Nazis in Potsdam a few weeks ago because of the colour of his skin. He is still in a coma after this attempted murder. Despite taped evidence of the conversation before the physical violence started that quite clearly shows racial abuse, despite the fact that the culprits were known to have a racist worldview, the politicians have tried to play down the racial motivations of the attackers. Schönbohm made some comments to suggest that it was probably just some drunks being aggressive and nothing more. Well he (for those who can read German) has a history of saying shit things.

The proceeds of the match went to the victim and his family and the fans wanted to show their solidarity, the photos taken will be shown to Ermyas when he wakes up.

TeBe Fans Against Racism. We Are Ermyas

We Are Ermyas

TeBe Fans Against Racism

Since When Does A Racist Get To Decide Who Is Or Isnt A Nazi?

Schönbohm And Schäuble - Shut The Fuck Up!

Since When Does A Racist Get To Decide Who Is Or Isnt A Nazi? Schönbohm And Schäuble - Shut The Fuck Up!

Hunt The Fascist Pack Out Of The City

Indeed. Thanks to Babelsberg for donating the money and well done to both fan groups for making a stand. These are very strange scenes for football grounds in Germany, especially in the lower leagues. Pull through Ermyas.


As I said before the Babelsberg Ultras are very into their thing and some TeBe fans made an effort to beat them at their own game. All in good fun and between friends it must be added: Something one poor security guy in the buffer block between the fan blocks only realised when 20 people ran at each other after climbing over the fences screaming - Hugs all round but the security guy really looked like he was filling his underwear in the seconds before he realised it was just a bit of fun.

Anyway, here some of the show:

From TeBe:

How Many Crates Of Beer Are Your Banners Worth?

The TeBe fans are holding up some Babelsberg banners that they had somehow aquired.

From the TeBe fans:

At Home In The West, Nobody Has Fucking Heard Of You!

The famous Babelsberg 03 put in their place!

But Babelsberg werent to be outdone. Frustration for them again as their promotion hopes really took a blow today, meaning another long season in the Oberliga. Their banner reads:

We Have To Get Out Of Here - It Is Hell

Respect to all and thoughts for Ermyas and his family.
Schönbohm Resign!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The match against Babelsberg... the real one this time... is Wednesday night in Babelsberg. Kick off is at 7pm.

The teams, the fans and the match itself will aim to highlight disgust at the attempted murder of Ermyas in Potsdam. He was beaten up by neo-Nazis because of his skin colour. He is struggling for his life in hospital and the proceeds from the match are apparently going to his family to support them in this time of need.

Thoughts go out to Ermyas and his family. Pull through please.

Fuck Nazis.

Tebe vs Motor Eberswalde

26. Match Day | Sun, 23.04.2006 | 14.00 Uhr | Westendstadion

Motor Eberswalde - Tennis Borussia

Motor Eberswalde 0:4 (0:3) TeBe

Team: Bolu - Schalle, Schmidt, Eckl - Weidner (32. Griesert), Mansour, Kollmorgen (62. Below), Petrowsky, Galic (42. Perez) - Kadow, Vuckovic.

Ref: Schramm (Zielitz).

Goals: 0:1 (16.) Vuckovic, 0:2 (22.) Kadow, 0:3 (44.) Vuckovic, 0:4 (76.) Griesert.

Att: 232.

Bookings: Ates (F) - keine.


- Not much to say really. The team were brilliant.

- The Half Time team talk seemed to involve our coaching staff having a cig outside the changing rooms- well we were dominating totally and 3 up.

- Finally some goals after 3 games and what goals as well. Lots of good play and some great chances to boot.

- I hope that Galic isnt injured and is fit to play again because he was good.

- Looks like this result ensures that we wont be in a relegation battle this season. The next two games are going to be tough. If I thought they could beat Union then Id gladly lose to Babelsberg but they cant.... and I want some revenge after the 4-0 defeat in Neuruppin.

Linesman Of The Season

Perhaps it's too early to call this one yet.... BUT even the referees in the Oberliga suck quite a bit. Ok, I am not neutral and they should be but i do watch lots of football and am quite good on the rules. I'd say the referees arent the best and the linesmen are mostly the ones who didnt even make it as a ref. This guy was great though. No, I didnt agree with all his decisions but the man had to stand in front of the Party Army the whole match and had a real sense of humour. We asked him to do a wave for us... even doing the countdown. Of course he didnt leading to accusations that he just couldnt do it. Rather than the usual distanced and pissed off look that most officials give, he gave a little cheeky grin. Of he can do the wave and yes he really wanted to. He was just professional. Well done.

Does anyone know his name? Does anyone agree with me? Can we give him a prize?

Motor Photo Love Story

So after a hearty breakfast we leave for Eberswalde. Yes I am in a car! A rare experience for me in Germany and I had to take photos, much to the amusement of the Bier Verteiler, who has a car and drives all the time.

This is in a motor on the motorway to Motor Eberswalde - but we weren't listening to the "Ace of Spades" though. That would have been to many motors.

What a beautiful stadium. Who cares about the World Cup and the huge arenas being built? - this is real football!
Ok the World Cup will be cool as well.

This is the man to watch today, already looking sharp in the warm up.

In fact the whole team were looking very relaxed and calm.

Kick off!
Nenadinho gets the match underway.

Half Time score 3-0, including some amazing goals, most notably Nenad's first where he went round about 5 players and then just banged it in! Super.

A bit of TeBe pressure looks promising, so I walk around in the hope of getting a fan action photo. What a hunch! The 4-0 goes in and the "Party Army" go wild... well wildish.

The team walk back and Motor get ready to start the game again.

What a great day out and what a beautiful stadium. You were always wondering what happened to train stations that arent needed anymore.

All in all a really great day out. I was in a car for the first time in ages. TeBe won 4-0 despite top players missing. Eberswalde was great: The stadium is beautiful, the weather was super and the place seems to be an area of outstanding natural beauty, either that or the summer fashion for ladies is right up my street. The beers were a reasonable 2-Euro, the Party Army was in a good mood and there was absolutely no stress from idiots or the state.

All that remains to say is that I was Motor all the best this season and hope that they dont get relegated. It's a great away trip and they never ever go down it seems despite so many close calls. Come on Motor!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Round Up Again

We Only Sing When We're Winning Posted by Picasa

Well we went back to Union and lost 1-0 in the league. We then played Turkiyemspor at home and drew 0-0. A good chance to meet Florian though and well done to him. Then last weekend our first home defeat of the year with a last minute goal putting the score at 0-1 for Ludwigsfelder FC. We dominated the game but just didnt make enough of our chances. 3 games and no win, 3 games and no goal... and this in a season that really seems to be going nowhere. We cant go up and we probably won't go down. But the fans are still there and we are still singing and keeping the party army tradition alive. Still there is the Cup Final.

Cup Final will be on the 24th May at 19.00 in Jahn Sport Park near Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg. I expect sick notes from absentees.

Next match is away against Eberswalder on Sunday. Check Lila Kanal for infos. Then Wednesday is the big match against Babelsberg. Looking forward to that.

Next home match is on the 30th at 14.00 against Neuruppin, again no excuses.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Football Fun

According to BZ

Vuckovic bleibt bei TeBe!

Jetzt ist es perfekt: Nenad Vuckovic bleibt bei Tennis Borussia! "Wir sind sehr froh, daß Nenad bleibt", sagt Veilchen-Boss Peter Antony. Der Kroate erhält einen Zweijahresvertrag. Nach anfänglichen Problemen unter Ex-Coach Theo Gries ist der gelernte Abwehrspieler jetzt im Mittelfeld eine feste Größe - im wahrsten Sinne. "Wie der mit 2,04 Meter Körpergröße den Ball behandelt, ist fantastisch", schwärmt Antony. Das blieb auch der Oberliga-Konkurrenz nicht verborgen. "Nach unserm Spiel bei Union hat Christian Beeck um Mitternacht bei Nenad angerufen", sagt Antony. Zu spät: Vuckovic hatte sich anders entschieden. Antony: "Nenad ist an Geld nicht interessiert, er will Spaß haben."

Vuckovic has signed a two year extension to his contract with TeBe. The lanky (long legged used to be in defense but now plays the Peter Crouch position) Croatian is, according to Peter Antony, not interested in the money as much as fun.

As a fan I have to say I am pleased. Like all players, Vucko has his good and bad matches but his improvement this season has been remarkable. His big target man up front role lends a great deal to our game, an advantage that most teams in the Oberliga dont have the luxury of. He sometimes comes across as tall and awkward on the ball but has recently managed to trick his way round defenders and pass dangerous balls out. He is amazing in the air at over 2 meters tall and is very strong on the ball. I am pleased that his is having fun and that he will be around next season. If he continues to improve at this rate then we will all be happy bunnies.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Round Up Time

So it has been a while.... all that time during the Winter Break I moan about the lack of football and then when it all starts again I just dont get it together to put up any reviews, news or gossip. Sorry, but a man with a broken heart may still need his football but just might not find the words to type.

But as the Germans say: Luck in the game, unlucky in love.

So here a round up of the last few matches, sadly without photos:

Tuesday 10 days ago:

Oddset Cup: Union Berlin vs Tennis Borussia

- 0-1 TeBe win thanks to a goal from Fuss in about the 82nd minute.


- TeBe played very compactly and despite the unbelievale pressure from Union, they kept them at bay and Union rarely had any real chances.

- Despite the fan hate between the two teams, I must say that the stadium was really impressive, there was no trouble on the way there and the atmosphere good.

- Union were playing a weaker team than usual it has to be said but are still a top team.

- The first half wasnt really a great piece of football history, Union and TeBe locked in a tactical battle with a lot of pressure from them but the few good chances falling for us.

- We were loud and proud in the party army guest block despite comprising only a 10th of the public there.

- The second half started in a similar vein to the first but TeBe looked more and more dangerous, the game being very even.

- A beautiful through ball to Fuss (imagine PS2 hitting the triangle button and it actually working for once) and in it went. F-ing Yes! Bring it on!!!

- Union went forward like anything in the last 8 minutes, desperate for an equaliser. If they had played like that the whole match it could have been a bad night for us.

- Despite throwing everything forward, all they got for their effort though was one notable chance, a blinding shot from the back which was saved by Timo, who is now really up on a level with God in most fans' eyes.

- Ironically it was a counter attack from TeBe that really should have gone in for 0-2 in the last minutes but all is forgotten now.

- Thats twice in two seasons that we have knocked them out of the cup. Ha Ha!


Saturday last weekend:

League Match Away vs BFC Dynamo

- 0-1 for TeBe again


- I wasnt there so there isnt really oo much to say about it.

- Apparently I didnt miss much and the atmosphere was terrible, only about 40 fans being verbally abused by a few thousand BFCler.

- Thats a fair run now though for TeBe and things are looking up.

- I cant say I am disappointed I went to Valencia for a break away instead though.


Tuesday 4th April

Oddset Cup Semi: Lichterfelde vs TeBe

- 1-2 for TeBe


- Wow, what a game. Firstly: beautiful ground, fair prices and great catering - even if the beer filling wasnt the quickest in the world. Afterwards in the Casino Bar was good friendly fun and no stress at all. Makes me wonder why all the police?

- Lichterfelde are a small team in the division below and, despite being top of their league, this was the easy draw. We should have banged a few in in the first half to give us a cushion and then rested a few players.... at least thats what I thought so boy was I in for a surprise.

- A defensive slip up of the most terrible kind took place in the 8th minute, leaving them with an easy slot in. 1-0 down.

- This didnt stop our support, which was vocal and friendly the whole match through.

- Lichterfelde then had the advantage of sitting back and making us do all the work - and work they did. Unbelievable pressure from TeBe but they were solid at the back and really dangerous on the break. They even had the best chance.. a sitter that should have been 2-0 and I think that would have sealed it.

- At half time still 1-0 down and the feeling that it is only a matter of time before we score... trouble is that 45 minutes might not be enough time.

- Second half as the first, TeBe looking dangerous almost all time and them dangerous on the break.

- Perhaps fittnes, perhaps patience but then the 1-1 came. Fuss 71st minute!!!!!!!!! Flip out time in the very relieved party army block!!!!!!

- Shortly afterwards I missed the apparent goal of the season. Having my cup match bowels I needed to do the do and missed Galic storming across, checking for someone to cross too, noticing the keeper already moving across to block the headers and simply deciding to bang it in himself from well out!!! 88 Minute and then it was all over!

- All the terrible passing, the nervousness and the general shitness forgotten in a second.... well not quite, but:

Cup Final, Cup Final!
We are going every year,
To the Cup Final
Cup Final!

Man, I love this team!