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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Update: 2 Months On

Yet again, sorry for the lack of updates, Doughnut Boy is in Canada with his lady, snowboarding, and I'm in the French Alps, sans lady, also snowboarding. Thus we've both kind of lost touch.

What can I tell you? I'm sure Norbert can help, but in the last 2 matches before the far-too-long Winter Break (which is still ongoing and has been since the beginning of December), TeBe notched a very promising 1-1 draw with fellow promotion chasers, Hertha Amateurs, despite being down to 10 men for much of the match, then, in a situation very reminiscent of last season, we recorded a very disappointing 2-1 away loss to Optik Rathenow in the last game before the winter break, which somewhat put the brakes on our promotion challenge. The table looks like this:

1. (1.) Hertha BSC Berlin II 14 12 2 0 38:4 +34 38
2. (3.) BFC Türkiyemspor 1978 14 10 1 3 24:12 +12 31
3. (2.) Berliner FC Dynamo 14 8 5 1 27:11 +16 29
4. (4.) Hansa Rostock II 14 8 3 3 38:15 +23 27
5. (6.) Greifswalder SV 04 14 8 1 5 26:16 +10 25
6. (7.) FSV Optik Rathenow 14 7 4 3 20:14 +6 25
7. (5.) Tennis Borussia Berlin 14 7 3 4 33:12 +21 24

More stats from fussballdaten.de

In other news, there has been some activity during the transfer window. Again, I'll need Norbert and Mr. Bungle to fill me in, but we have signed a striker, Danny Kukulies, from 1. FC Magdeburg, and a few others who I can't be bothered looking for.

There has been much transfer speculation around our best player, someone who is shining again this season, Halil Savran. Hertha, FC Union and Babelsberg 03 have all said to be interested in him, but it looks as if he's staying put until the end of the season, when I think his contract runs out. Much will depend on whether we can do the unlikely and clinch promotion as to whether he stays or not.

I don't think we'll get promoted. A bleak future lies ahead. But then again, I am an infamous pessimistic.

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