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Saturday, June 07, 2008

TeBe 2:0 Hermsdorf

Best Sports Photo EVER! lol

Berlin Cup Final, Jahn Sportpark, Wednesday 4th June 2008

Team: Greil - Scholl - Below - Wanski - Mohra - Petrowsky - Mohra (Can) - Kalkan (Kessler) - Schrödter (Ergridi) - Kukulies - Savran

Scorers: Savran 2

Attendance: 2063

So TeBe gave their fans a conciliatory end to what has been a bitterly disappointing season with a comfortable win against the surprise lower-league finalists. Halil Savran was the hero yet again. He's announced that he's leaving TeBe, as expected, to go to Dynamo Dresden. I can only wish him all the best, he's been by far our best player over the last 2 seasons, deserves a crack at a higher level, and will be sorely missed. His reaction after scoring the 2 goals should tell you how he feels about the club.

Farewell, Halil.

Great photos here.


Berlin Sport: Favoritensieg im BFV-Pokalfinale - TV Berlin Video
Berlin Sport: Favoritensieg im BFV-Pokalfinale - TV Berlin Video

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  • At 10:19 PM, Blogger tebeschtockholm said…

    Wir kommen! Wir kommen! TeBe Verstehe Nicht Crew, Schweden, Benny Wendt dept.,are gonna show up at Mommsenstadion, Herbst -08. Wir sind 10-15, vieleicht 20 personen, hilfe, hilfe!!! Wir können vieleicht alle lieder nicht singen, aber wir Lieben ALLE TeBe!!!!!!!!!!! Please send us your songs and WE´RE GONNA SING IT... AUF DEUTSCH!!!! TeBe rockt!!!
    TeBe...or not to be!!!
    /TeBe, Stockholm, Schweden

  • At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How can you NOT love a cup win like this??????????? Nur TeBe,Verstehe Nicht crew


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