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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Photo Love Story

Arrival 7.15 PM. Pre-match training in the last stages. Posted by Picasa

Still no Fan Laden open so its grab a quick beer from the fridge, wrap up warm and get on the S-Bahn down to Messe Süd. A quick dash through the woods and in I go.

Practice Makes Perfect! Posted by Picasa

Quite impressive it is too to see both the teams warming up before the match under the floodlights.

-2 tonight. Thats balls freezing. Posted by Picasa

Its necessary to adopt the so called "onion" method i.e. lots of layers. Even then its cold cold cold.

10 Minutes to go and the stand is looking very empty still. Where are the Pensioner Party Army? Where are the Purple rinse crew? Posted by Picasa

As I found out later... a lot of them were just in the bar it seems.

The team get ready. Fuß still not knowing that he was to be the Santa Claus of the night. Posted by Picasa

I havent seen Fuß play this well all season. 4 goals in a match. Super and the system is working for him again.

Despite the weather still a good turn out in Block E. The stand wasnt looking so full mind you. Officially 310 there in total, which isnt bad crowd for us at all. Posted by Picasa

Every match is important still for us. It was great to see so many there, especially as the next match isnt until February due to Germany's stooopid winter break.

Most disappear into the bar at half time to get a beer, some warm wine or just to thaw out their feet. Posted by Picasa

Beer, wine or thaw out? I chose all 3.

Round 2 Lets go. Posted by Picasa

At 1-0 up its still a close game. We need to secure the 3 points.

Not the worst linesman Ive seen this season... still having a few problems with the offside rule however and cant always decide what a foul is and what it isnt. Posted by Picasa

Of course as a fan I always know better.

The team are happy.... Posted by Picasa

.....and the fans are happy. Posted by Picasa

Very happy as it happens. With a bit of luck we will make 10th in the league.

Sneaked into the press conference for some food, beer and another Dejan 30 second talk. Posted by Picasa

Still a man of few words.

Merry Christmas TeBe Party Army. Posted by Picasa

We even have purple white balls! Posted by Picasa

Beers and more beers and more beers....

Time to Go To Home. Posted by Picasa

The music gets loud, the Casino is almost empty and its time to go home.

Dreaming Purple White Posted by Picasa

And thanks once again to the runners up FC Barcelona, but now the moment youve all been waiting for, the winners of the Champions League Final this season are the players from TeBe Berlin with their genius coach the Doughnut Boy!!!


  • At 7:58 PM, Anonymous ultras71 said…

    "We even have purple white balls!" Very interesting - who's that "we"?

  • At 12:17 AM, Anonymous matze said…

    damn, those pictures are unscharf! was it too cold for your camera?

  • At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Doughnut Boy Andy said…

    Yes both the balls and the camera questions are to do with the cold I think. -2 affects the balls a bit and my hands were shaking a bit too much for the camera. You'll notice the ones inside are much better despite the smoke. The Pentax does have a problem with exposure time though. I though about taking it back but I really am not good enough a camera man to do better and its so super sexy small and cool. It does cause problems in the dark. I am sure there are better settings but i just dont know what to do. Grrrrr things to bloody clever for me. I dont know enough about cameras to be pissed off if its crap or change it if its just the setting. Perhaps you could have a look at it?

  • At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Charizzteas said…

    Hi man, i give u a good vorschlag 4 better dreaming in lila weiss. look at your bettwäsche, it is awful. these flowers are not veilchen indeed.
    maybe it is better to get some wäsche in our vereinsfarben.


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