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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Motor Photo Love Story

So after a hearty breakfast we leave for Eberswalde. Yes I am in a car! A rare experience for me in Germany and I had to take photos, much to the amusement of the Bier Verteiler, who has a car and drives all the time.

This is in a motor on the motorway to Motor Eberswalde - but we weren't listening to the "Ace of Spades" though. That would have been to many motors.

What a beautiful stadium. Who cares about the World Cup and the huge arenas being built? - this is real football!
Ok the World Cup will be cool as well.

This is the man to watch today, already looking sharp in the warm up.

In fact the whole team were looking very relaxed and calm.

Kick off!
Nenadinho gets the match underway.

Half Time score 3-0, including some amazing goals, most notably Nenad's first where he went round about 5 players and then just banged it in! Super.

A bit of TeBe pressure looks promising, so I walk around in the hope of getting a fan action photo. What a hunch! The 4-0 goes in and the "Party Army" go wild... well wildish.

The team walk back and Motor get ready to start the game again.

What a great day out and what a beautiful stadium. You were always wondering what happened to train stations that arent needed anymore.

All in all a really great day out. I was in a car for the first time in ages. TeBe won 4-0 despite top players missing. Eberswalde was great: The stadium is beautiful, the weather was super and the place seems to be an area of outstanding natural beauty, either that or the summer fashion for ladies is right up my street. The beers were a reasonable 2-Euro, the Party Army was in a good mood and there was absolutely no stress from idiots or the state.

All that remains to say is that I was Motor all the best this season and hope that they dont get relegated. It's a great away trip and they never ever go down it seems despite so many close calls. Come on Motor!


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