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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tebe vs Motor Eberswalde

26. Match Day | Sun, 23.04.2006 | 14.00 Uhr | Westendstadion

Motor Eberswalde - Tennis Borussia

Motor Eberswalde 0:4 (0:3) TeBe

Team: Bolu - Schalle, Schmidt, Eckl - Weidner (32. Griesert), Mansour, Kollmorgen (62. Below), Petrowsky, Galic (42. Perez) - Kadow, Vuckovic.

Ref: Schramm (Zielitz).

Goals: 0:1 (16.) Vuckovic, 0:2 (22.) Kadow, 0:3 (44.) Vuckovic, 0:4 (76.) Griesert.

Att: 232.

Bookings: Ates (F) - keine.


- Not much to say really. The team were brilliant.

- The Half Time team talk seemed to involve our coaching staff having a cig outside the changing rooms- well we were dominating totally and 3 up.

- Finally some goals after 3 games and what goals as well. Lots of good play and some great chances to boot.

- I hope that Galic isnt injured and is fit to play again because he was good.

- Looks like this result ensures that we wont be in a relegation battle this season. The next two games are going to be tough. If I thought they could beat Union then Id gladly lose to Babelsberg but they cant.... and I want some revenge after the 4-0 defeat in Neuruppin.


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