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Friday, April 07, 2006

Round Up Time

So it has been a while.... all that time during the Winter Break I moan about the lack of football and then when it all starts again I just dont get it together to put up any reviews, news or gossip. Sorry, but a man with a broken heart may still need his football but just might not find the words to type.

But as the Germans say: Luck in the game, unlucky in love.

So here a round up of the last few matches, sadly without photos:

Tuesday 10 days ago:

Oddset Cup: Union Berlin vs Tennis Borussia

- 0-1 TeBe win thanks to a goal from Fuss in about the 82nd minute.


- TeBe played very compactly and despite the unbelievale pressure from Union, they kept them at bay and Union rarely had any real chances.

- Despite the fan hate between the two teams, I must say that the stadium was really impressive, there was no trouble on the way there and the atmosphere good.

- Union were playing a weaker team than usual it has to be said but are still a top team.

- The first half wasnt really a great piece of football history, Union and TeBe locked in a tactical battle with a lot of pressure from them but the few good chances falling for us.

- We were loud and proud in the party army guest block despite comprising only a 10th of the public there.

- The second half started in a similar vein to the first but TeBe looked more and more dangerous, the game being very even.

- A beautiful through ball to Fuss (imagine PS2 hitting the triangle button and it actually working for once) and in it went. F-ing Yes! Bring it on!!!

- Union went forward like anything in the last 8 minutes, desperate for an equaliser. If they had played like that the whole match it could have been a bad night for us.

- Despite throwing everything forward, all they got for their effort though was one notable chance, a blinding shot from the back which was saved by Timo, who is now really up on a level with God in most fans' eyes.

- Ironically it was a counter attack from TeBe that really should have gone in for 0-2 in the last minutes but all is forgotten now.

- Thats twice in two seasons that we have knocked them out of the cup. Ha Ha!


Saturday last weekend:

League Match Away vs BFC Dynamo

- 0-1 for TeBe again


- I wasnt there so there isnt really oo much to say about it.

- Apparently I didnt miss much and the atmosphere was terrible, only about 40 fans being verbally abused by a few thousand BFCler.

- Thats a fair run now though for TeBe and things are looking up.

- I cant say I am disappointed I went to Valencia for a break away instead though.


Tuesday 4th April

Oddset Cup Semi: Lichterfelde vs TeBe

- 1-2 for TeBe


- Wow, what a game. Firstly: beautiful ground, fair prices and great catering - even if the beer filling wasnt the quickest in the world. Afterwards in the Casino Bar was good friendly fun and no stress at all. Makes me wonder why all the police?

- Lichterfelde are a small team in the division below and, despite being top of their league, this was the easy draw. We should have banged a few in in the first half to give us a cushion and then rested a few players.... at least thats what I thought so boy was I in for a surprise.

- A defensive slip up of the most terrible kind took place in the 8th minute, leaving them with an easy slot in. 1-0 down.

- This didnt stop our support, which was vocal and friendly the whole match through.

- Lichterfelde then had the advantage of sitting back and making us do all the work - and work they did. Unbelievable pressure from TeBe but they were solid at the back and really dangerous on the break. They even had the best chance.. a sitter that should have been 2-0 and I think that would have sealed it.

- At half time still 1-0 down and the feeling that it is only a matter of time before we score... trouble is that 45 minutes might not be enough time.

- Second half as the first, TeBe looking dangerous almost all time and them dangerous on the break.

- Perhaps fittnes, perhaps patience but then the 1-1 came. Fuss 71st minute!!!!!!!!! Flip out time in the very relieved party army block!!!!!!

- Shortly afterwards I missed the apparent goal of the season. Having my cup match bowels I needed to do the do and missed Galic storming across, checking for someone to cross too, noticing the keeper already moving across to block the headers and simply deciding to bang it in himself from well out!!! 88 Minute and then it was all over!

- All the terrible passing, the nervousness and the general shitness forgotten in a second.... well not quite, but:

Cup Final, Cup Final!
We are going every year,
To the Cup Final
Cup Final!

Man, I love this team!


  • At 12:50 PM, Blogger jimhancot said…

    He's back! Woo hoo!

    I'm too lazy to update mine, computer troubles don't help. Get in touch boy.

    When is the final anyway?


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