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Friday, April 21, 2006

Round Up Again

We Only Sing When We're Winning Posted by Picasa

Well we went back to Union and lost 1-0 in the league. We then played Turkiyemspor at home and drew 0-0. A good chance to meet Florian though and well done to him. Then last weekend our first home defeat of the year with a last minute goal putting the score at 0-1 for Ludwigsfelder FC. We dominated the game but just didnt make enough of our chances. 3 games and no win, 3 games and no goal... and this in a season that really seems to be going nowhere. We cant go up and we probably won't go down. But the fans are still there and we are still singing and keeping the party army tradition alive. Still there is the Cup Final.

Cup Final will be on the 24th May at 19.00 in Jahn Sport Park near Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg. I expect sick notes from absentees.

Next match is away against Eberswalder on Sunday. Check Lila Kanal for infos. Then Wednesday is the big match against Babelsberg. Looking forward to that.

Next home match is on the 30th at 14.00 against Neuruppin, again no excuses.


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