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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Linesman Of The Season

Perhaps it's too early to call this one yet.... BUT even the referees in the Oberliga suck quite a bit. Ok, I am not neutral and they should be but i do watch lots of football and am quite good on the rules. I'd say the referees arent the best and the linesmen are mostly the ones who didnt even make it as a ref. This guy was great though. No, I didnt agree with all his decisions but the man had to stand in front of the Party Army the whole match and had a real sense of humour. We asked him to do a wave for us... even doing the countdown. Of course he didnt leading to accusations that he just couldnt do it. Rather than the usual distanced and pissed off look that most officials give, he gave a little cheeky grin. Of he can do the wave and yes he really wanted to. He was just professional. Well done.

Does anyone know his name? Does anyone agree with me? Can we give him a prize?


  • At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Bier Verteiler said…

    Hey Doughnut

    The linesmans name is Frank-Detlef Stietzel.
    He was great. In the 2nd half he warmed a bit up and started talking to me. Like you said he had a real sense of humour!
    I have to say that the three refs were very good anyway (of course not every single decision was correct to ourselves) but if you see it in general everything was allright ;O)
    See you guys tomorrow!!!

  • At 12:05 AM, Blogger jimhancot said…

    lol good old bierverteiler: Germany's No. 1 Statto :)

    Bis naechstes Jahr im Mommse


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