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Monday, May 28, 2007

TeBe 1:1 MSV Neuruppin

Sunday 27th May, 2007.

TeBe: Greil - Borkowski (Scheimann) - Below - Eckl - Müller (Filiz) - Petrowsky - Kurbjuweit - Lemcke - Hampf (Condé) - Fuß - Savran

Scorer: Savran (81)

Attendance: 253

Drenched, drunk, draw. Best way to sum up this match.

TeBe generally laboured, and I thought played pretty poorly. Neuruppin needed the win to stay up, given that Schoenberg and probably Yesilyurt will pull out of the league, and it looked it, they were simply hungrier, played the better football and missed more than one 100% chance, a few after one-on-ones. They (in my opinion) deservedly took the lead with a lovely header from a floated in free-kick.

TBH, yet again, we were playing with goalkeeper Timo Hampf outfield, and 2 youth team players, and the other first-team regulars seemed tired after recent exertions. We finally seemed to want to play after going behind, and Halil missed a penalty after Timo(!) was fouled in the box. We continued to push, and Halil made up for this earlier error with an equaliser (erm, I missed the goal as I was at the toilet at the time, we hadn't looked like scoring at that point and I thought it was the perfect time to relieve myself, apparently not :( ) We then nearly won it, a goalmouth scramble and a couple of great saves from their keeper keeping them level, but that was it, Hansa II had lost so we missed the chance to finish the season in 2nd place, and Eberswalde lost and thus were relegated.

Again, I thought Lemcke played well, had a quick word with him after the game, and it's not yet clear if he'll stay at TeBe next year, I'd keep him, his performances in the last couple of months have been impressive. Eckl was his usual busy energetic self, have been impressed with him recently too. Below was good again, commanding and keeps things simple, and Savran worked without much reward. I got a photo with my POTY, and tbh I'm not sure he'll be at TeBe next year. According to the rumours, Greil is leaving, Fuss will stay (you'll need to improve next year Micha, when was the last time you scored?) Question marks remain over Griesert, who imo has flattered to deceive this year, and should have done more; Galic is injured too much, and must be surely on his way; and I'm not sure if Weidner will be back. I'd be amazed if Thiam was still here next year, though a source told me he is staying.

Other notes on yesterday: despite the terrible weather, the Party Army was in good voice, possibly inspired by a posse of loud cheerful MSV fans with a drum. We stayed put, despite the option of going into the stand, and everyone seemed to be on good form, despite the poor fayre on show on the pitch.

TeBe are one of the co-sponsors and supporters of the 'Respect Gaymes' in Berlin next month, and as such, banners were hanging supporting the initiative, plus some cool music at half-time from DJ Bungle (where were you after the match? :( ) and the following scoreboard display:

A big big thank you to Christian, doing work experience at the moment for TeBe, and his group of school mates, who provided tasty cocktails for the past 3 games, raising funds for their A-Level school formal; unfortunately, due to the inclement weather, they didn't make as much money as they would have wanted, and TeBe's poor crowds the past few games couldn't have helped, but they were certainly valued by Block E, and there can't be too many grounds in Germany that have their own cocktail stand! Good work, fella!

A thank you too to whichever TeBe player it was who donated a keg of beer for the fans, it in no small part contributed to me being really drunk and sleeping for 14 hours today... everyone was in top spirits after the match, was nice chatting with everyone again, especially Jarred, another Party Army legionnaire, who even prefers to travel to the Mommse from Potsdam than to watch his local team, the 'boring' Babelsberg! This will be my last match report for quite some time, as I'm moving away, we'll have to hope Doughnut Boy keps them up, but given his sloth, I'll not hold my breath! A big hello to our occasional reader from Canada, I hope things are going well for you Ryan, we miss you! And to Block E et al: Despite our occasional disagreements, I always enjoy watching football and having a drink with you, and I'm gonna miss you all. See some of you in Hamburg in a couple of weeks!

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