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Thursday, May 17, 2007

TeBe 5:1 Germania Schoeneiche

Thursday 17th May, 2007

TeBe: Ulbricht - Eckl, Below, Steinhage (31. Greil) - Kurbjuweit, Scholl, Lemcke, Petrowsky, Savran - Fuß, Hampf.

Goals: Lemcke, Savran, Fuss, Greil (!), OG.

Attendance: 279

A highly entertaining game and not your usual end-of-season fayre came as a pleasant surprise to these two international E-blockers who were reluctant to even go to the game. TeBe played some lovely passing football and scored some great goals against an admittedly pisspoor opponent.

The big surprise of the day was that due to injuries, TeBe had THREE goalkeepers on the pitch! The young 'un, Ulbricht, was between the posts, Timo Hampf (football God), scorer of a goal in an easy cup win at the start of the season, started up front, then due to the injury of Steinhage, our THIRD goalie, Manu Greil, came on! I find it hard to believe that we have that many injuries, I know TeBe are in a bad way at the moment, but it can't be that bad, surely?

Timo in Action!

To be honest, us playing 3 goalies was a bit of a pisstake and an embarrassment, as this was a League match with points at stake; I guess I have to give the club the benefit of the doubt re injuries, needs must etc; but today showed us 2 more things:

1. How appallingly bad this league is when TeBe can beat Schoeneiche 5-1 with effectively 9 men. The two outfield goalies laboured and ran all day, but their overall contribution was negligable.

2. How appalling our team has played this season to drop points and even lose against teams of this standard (think Eberswalde, think BFC, think Yesilyurt). Maybe we should have played the goalies outfield all season!

The biggest cheer of the day, and the biggest surprise, was Manu Greil SCORING! He scored the 4th goal, leaping like a salmon to head in a punted-forward high free-kick. Cue cries of

"TeBe Torwart Army!" [TeBe goalie army] and
"Auf gehts Timo schiess ein Tor!" [let's go Timo, score a goal, to the other keeper, which unfortunately he didn't]

Norbert Lemcke opened the scoring with a peach from 25 yards, he played really well today, was everywhere, his passing was good, he ran and ran.
The second goal was scored by Halil Savran after great build-up from Fuss; Halil is probably my Player of the Season, loads of skill, has scored goals despite poor service this year, and always tries.
Fuss scored the third after a great through-ball from Lemcke(?), going round the keeper, pulling it back, and knocking it into the empty net. He looked much more like his old self today.
GS pulled one back from the spot after Scholl(?) was lucky to see only yellow for a blatant stupid handball in the box from a corner.
I told you about Manu's fourth, the fifth was an own goal, and you can see it here at the end of 'Manu Cam':

Manu Cam! and Fifth goal

Jens Eckl impressed today too, never stopped running and linked the play between midfield and attack well; School had a strong game, but TeBe were never really threatened at the back.

Timo in Action

But the real hero today, as always, was Timo Hampf. He never stopped running, and you'll see from these videos how a) knackered he was afterwards, and b) how much he loves TeBe and the fans. Well done that man!

Timo Cam! Timo after 90 minutes of sheer hell...

All in all, today was a great day. 6 goals, lots of entertainment, Biber the beer-pouring and -dispensing King is back, there was a cocktail stand! with tasty cocktails, the only poor thing was DJ Bungle's broken music system; I blame the birds for nesting in with the cables. Oh, and the attendance was poor too, as you can see from the sparse and flag-free Block E:



Photos here.

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