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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick Update

A series of turgid performances, plus a 3-week lack of internet, have led to this site not being updated for so long. Tbh, I'm thoroughly disillusioned with TeBe at the moment, and what the future holds. Antony resigned a month and a half ago, the AGM isn't for another month, and thus the club is totally in limbo. The players don't know what next year holds, rumours abound of non-payment of players, which would come as no surprise given what the Maschkes alleged after their departure in the Winter Break, training facilities are a joke, rumours abound that many players aren't even turning up for training anymore, but prefer to just work more, and the club seems to be in total disarray. Performances on the pitch have, with 1 (and a half) minor exception(s), mirrored the total uncertainty clouding the club. Here's a very quick round-up:

Mo, 09.04.2007 (h) Ludwigsfelde: 0-0 Attendance: 381

A passionless performance on an Easter Monday afternoon, both sides had chances to win, both hitting the woodwork. A free beer for all to celebrate TeBe's 105th birthday, the most dramatic event of the day was me dropping and breaking my camera, hence the lack of photos from the following games. Oh, and we had more fun writing stupid things on the terraces with chalk than watching the game.

Fr, 13.04.2007 (h) Babelsberg 03: 1-0 (Galic) Attendance: 1489

Yet again, TeBe show they can play and battle to complete a league double against runaway league champions SVB03. Great performance, great crowd, great atmosphere. But this performance typified TeBe this year: only showing commitment and battling qualities against big teams. Not how you win leagues. My highlight was singing "Ihr seid nur ein Punktelieferant!", the floodlight banner and singing "Flutlichter allez!", and the cracking looking mass choreo, with flags, purple and white toilet roll, confetti et al:

Cracking photos of the match here.

So, 22.04.2007 (a) Schoenberg 05: 0-3 Attendance: 293

Pathetic. Appalling. 90 minutes devoid of effort, skill, of anyone giving a shit in purple and white. Was a nice journey, 7 hours return, nice lunch and nice stop-off in Schwerin, and good entertainment on the train with the old man sober casual crew (the less said about Land Fluss Stadt, the better, me getting 'V' and 'W' mixed up, muppet), and the stadium and Schoenberg fans were nice, will miss that away trip, but the team really pissed me off. We still got the three points though as 05 didn't have enough German U23 players in attendance, a travesty of justice.

Fr, 27.04.2007 (h) Neustrelitz: 2-0 (Savran 2) Attendance: 273

TeBe played OK. Savran was great. Fuss woefully off-form. As the weather was nice, we entertained ourselves by playing beach ball, badminton, frisbee and the like. I talked for ages to a West Ham groundhopper. The drop-off in attendance says it all about the finish to this season.

So, 06.05.2007 (a) BAK: 2-5 (Fuss, Yilmaz) Attendance: 148

Doughnut Boy wrote to me saying it was the worst second half of football played by a team that he'd ever seen. Lila Kanal doesn't make for pretty reading. To be honest, by this stage of the season, TeBe have become fairly indifferent to me. I wasn't in attendance, as I was seeing my first love, Linfield, win the Irish Cup.

I'm not even sure I'm going to go on Friday night, despite the added attraction of Biber making a glorious return. I know there are huge problems within the team and the club, but with how they're playing and the effort put in, I find the temptation of watching the paint in my house dry altogether more attractive.

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