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Saturday, May 26, 2007

TeBe 3:2 Lichterfelde FC

Thursday 24th May, 2007.

TeBe: Greil - Eckl, Below, Milanovic - Kurbjuweit (79. Hampf), Kalkan, Lemcke (72. Borkowski), Petrowsky, Savran - Yilmaz (30. Yaziki), Fuß.

Goals: Savran (2), Lemcke

Attendance: 258

Typical end of season fayre in a baking hot temperature. I got there 20 minutes late as I had to work; cue many funny looks from Block E at the sight of me in business-like shirt and trousers. I knew what kind of game it was going to be - relaxed, end-of-season, no-one giving a shit- when I saw Block E - they were all sat down, drinking cocktails and chatting, tut tut:

They fully deserved my reproach of "Keine Stimmung, keine Fans, Borussia!" [no atmsphere, no fans, Borussia]! I heard a small cheer on my walk to the ground, so I was fairly sure we were 1-0 down. We didn't take too long to get back into the game, Lemcke (who had another good game, he's been impressive recently) scored the equaliser, a powerful header from a great Savran cross; then Savran came into his own.

IMO, Halil Savran has been our Player of the Year. I know he hasn't scored THAT many goals, but let's be honest, the service he has got at times has been shocking, but he has never stopped working, running, he has loads of skill, can go past players, has a great shot and scores important goals (Babelsberg away);he's now scored 4 in 3.

He put TeBe into the lead with a great turn and shot from 20 yards not long into the second half, LFC equalised, then, after the introduction of Timo Hampf once more upfront (yet again the team was decimated by injuries or whatever) had disorientated the LFC defence, up popped Halil to head in the winner for TeBe.

Block E, quite empty

Stand, even emptier

Not much else to report, a nothing game, it seems very few people seem to care anymore, very poor crowd, no ticker on Lila Kanal and virtually no reports on the game at all, plus lots of missing regulars. Nice enough atmosphere (only 2 songs sung all match, probably because the more vocal elements of Block E were called upon to perform ball-boy duties, which they were rubbish at, they were only there for the beer! :)

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