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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Season Starts Here... Or No, Wait, Over There, erm...

TeBe's 2007/08 Oberliga season should have started on Sunday in the Mommse against Torgelow. But it won't. The reason?


You really couldn't make it up. "Mushrooms stopped play".

So we have to move to Makkabi's grounds a little distance away to play there. Apparently our next game might be in danger at the Mommse as well. Not only is this annoying and an inconvienience for the fans, it also represents a huge loss of revenue for TeBe.

Mommse must be one of the worst pitches in the world. Numerous matches were called off last year through waterlogging after a light drizzle.

Peinlich. [Embarrasing]



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