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Saturday, August 25, 2007

TeBe 1:2 Tuerkiyemspor

23rd August 2007, Mommsenstadion

...and things go from bad to worse for TeBe, a team who are notoriously slow starters. Well, dropping 6 points already against 2 teams we should beat on paper does not bode well for the coming 10 months.

Yet again, our only performer was allegedly Halil Savran; our playmaker 'dervish', Ergidi, was man-marked by an enforcer and was thus rendered anonymous; misplaced passes allez, no play down the flanks, diagonal balls though the middle cutting holes in our new defence (Thiam still injured, Below had to go off early), not enough working back from the wingers and strikers, etc etc (thanks to Lila Kanal, I've paraphrased some of the comments).

3 games in and we're already 6 points behind the leaders and the 'stay-in-the-same-league' positions. A sorry picture, similar to last season when we were realistically out of the picture by the end of September, is emerging. Good old TeBe.

I await with baited breath for match reports from Doughnut Boy, who's soon back in Berlin. I imagine he'll be none-too-keen on going along regularly to watch bog-standard Oberliga dross. I don't blame him. I'm kinda glad I'm not going to be in Berlin this year.

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  • At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The love to suffer, the eagerness for having pain - thy name is TeBe!

    But one has to confess, that the fighting spirit of TeBe - especially after the equalizer have been scored - was alive and kickin´.

    The hope is still there. Be more optimistic Mr. Hancot! It´s not over yet! Well, o.k. - "yet"...

  • At 9:54 PM, Anonymous jimhancot said…

    Who are you Mr Anonymous, you imposter? Be gone with you and your 'Hope dies last' attitude, TeBe has hardened me, the glass is half empty! Too many letdowns for one lifetime. Linfield on the other hand...


  • At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well - sure, one can say the glass is half empty. On the other hand: that means there is still something in it, right?

    One can argue about the stuff which is in the glass. Just some fluffy dreams of make-believe as last season - and the season before that? TeBe has hardened me too you know and also the many disappoinments the last seasons with my other (original) football love VfL Borussia.

    Fact is: the next two matches - away vs Germania "defense" Schoeneiche and home vs BFC Dynamo - will be very crucial and give us the direction of TeBe in the months to come.

    I shall wait until the fifth matchday before I´m going to state an analysis on the Lila-Kanal and before I´m going to give you an answer whats in the nasty, half empty glass inside.

    Till then - always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    Besides: where is the cobold? We desperately need more "Gluecksbringer" ;-)


  • At 6:47 PM, Anonymous Doughnut Boy Andy said…

    "I await with baited breath for match reports from Doughnut Boy"

    Dont hold your breath. I really dont fancy going to watch TeBe at the minute. The "dream team" of PA and MW may be the straw that broke the Doughnut's back. Perhaps I will get the TeBe shakes soon but for now its not on my busy schedule. If I do go soon itll be to meet up with friends I miss and to pay my tributes to Andi as I promised I would.... sad, but for the minute at least true.



  • At 12:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No more reports on the last two matches?

    Well done.

    There is nothing much to report about anyway.

    Draw to Germania Schöneiche. Defeat to BFC Dynamo. Last one was really nasty.

    There is nuffin. No play. No real football. No good defense. No efficient Midfield. No passionate offense. Nuffin.

    On the terraces we did our best. But its very hard, when there is no response at all on the pitch...

    The coach is to be fired.

    Maybe half of the team (at least) is to be sacked also...

    The glass is not half empty. Currently there is not even one drop in it...

    Maybe I exagerrated my disappointments, but - you know - one can hardly be objective, when you´re team is losing like this ...



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