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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tuerkiyemspor 0:1 TeBe

Fuss celebates (thanks to tebe.de for the pics)

Katzbachstadion, Saturday 8th March 2008

Team: Hampf - Wanski - Below - Mohra - Can - Petrowsky - Kukulies (Kalkan)- Ergirdi - Schrödter - Savran - Fuß (Kessler)

Scorer: Fuss (87.)

Attendance: 505 (approx. 200 TeBe)

Great result, not so great performance. Apparently. But that matters not, as TeBe take all the points in a veritable 6-pointer against the team 2nd in the league, a team that had recently beaten both Hertha II and Hansa II.

Jubilant Party Army

Schrödter apparently played well, Fuss was back on form apart from his corners, and Timo made some important saves, but apparently Tuerkiyem played conservatively for the draw and it was a poor game. Another downside is that most of the sides in the top 7 all won. The table's looking quite tight, here it is:

1. (1.) Hertha BSC Berlin II 16 13 2 1 40:7 +33 41
2. (2.) BFC Türkiyemspor 1978 17 11 2 4 26:13 +13 35
3. (6.) FSV Optik Rathenow 17 9 5 3 24:15 +9 32
4. (3.) Greifswalder SV 04 16 10 1 5 35:17 +18 31
5. (4.) Hansa Rostock II 15 9 3 3 41:15 +26 30
6. (7.) Tennis Borussia Berlin 16 9 3 4 38:15 +23 30
7. (5.) Berliner FC Dynamo 16 8 5 3 29:15 +14 29

So the promotion dream lives on, probably till mid-April with some silly draws and defeats against struggling teams.

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  • At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You are really a pessimistic guy, Jim. I watched a quite decent performance against a Türkiyem squad, which played very disciplined. It was hard to break the defence. Nearly the strategy of them was successful - but in the end: what a sweet victory in the very last minutes and what an outrageous party performance of the whole away crowd and the whole team on the pitch!

    As one wrote it in the Lila-Kanal: this was the way how Babelsberg get promoted last season. Surely it´s not done yet. One or two stupid defeats against no name teams and everything is nearly over.

    But I wish you could have seen this outbreak after the scorer. The moral of the team rules absolutely o.k.! Now I´m pretty confident that the team does everything and more than that to get the promotion. I´m also confident that the mental fitness and the ability of the team are now going hand in hand for a perfect symbiosis - hopefully till the very end.

    The dream is coming true - step by step. Next one is home match vs. the bunker-specialists from niceoak. I bet for a Biber-beer: 1:0 within the last quarter of an hour. What do you suggest?


  • At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Kuddel said…

    yes, we will see at the ende of the saison, how wichitig the three points against this mannschaft war. stell you mal in front, waht will passieren after this verkorksten saisonstart, when gerade these points are missing. look at the tabelle, it is very eng in der spitze, um so importanter is, that we can collecht a lot of points, who will noch vergeben sein.

  • At 1:11 PM, Blogger jimhancot said…


    we'll win easily.3-0 or 4-0. yes i am very pessimistic, that comes from bitter experience. I haven't looked at the run-in, but i'm certain we will drop silly points at home near the end, and all the points we threw away at the start will be very costly. I'm not always this pessimistic, i know Linfield will win the league, TeBe just brings out the worst in me!


    welcome, nice denglish! still don't think these 2 extra points will be enough in the end, but schauen wir ma...


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