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Saturday, February 24, 2007

TeBe 1:0 Tuerkiyemspor

3 points, (at least) -3 degrees

Mommenstadion, 23rd February 2007

Team: Ulbricht - Schalle, Thiam, Galic - Kurbjuweit, Petrowsky, Camara (55. Lemcke), Scholl, Griesert (87. Konal) - Savran, Fuß.

Scorer: Savran (65)

Attendance: 346

FINALLY the 2nd half of the season got under way on Friday night after a seemingly interminable winter break of 2/1/2 months. It was a bitterly cold night, so Hancot came prepared, complete with long johns, snowboard gear and a thermos flask of piping hot mulled wine :)

To be honest, there's nothing much to report about the match. I felt TeBe controlled proceedings without really threatening, Tuerkiyemspor offered little or nothing, it was one of those non-descript nights, and for a long time it looked like we were going to play out an uninspired 0-0, until Savran rose like a salmon to head home a cross and secure the win. A very Babelsberg-esque win, 1 goal in it without really impressing.

Thought the new boys made a good impression, especially the keeper Ulbricht and Camara the midfielder, who surprisingly was taken off after 55 mins, mybe not yet match fit. Fuss looked a bit overweight and wasn't his usual sharp self, and Benny had a stinker, a complete contrast to the hat-trick hero I last saw.

Disappointing crowd, but it was ball-freezing, the game wasn't advertised at all, we are 12 points behind with no real hope of promotion, and there's nothing to play for. We really need to get out of this league. Top 4 next season before the league is restructured is a necessity; our cause won't be helped by Hertha II looking like they're going to get relegated into our league. I thought Block E had one of their noisier evenings, the 'chaos singing' being my personal favourite.

Really was a night to chat with familiar faces one hadn't seen for a while and catch up. 3 points, thank you and goodnight.

The stand on the other side, fairly empty

Bart's cool TeBe Sponge Bob banner. (Playing on TeBe's reputation as 'the gay club', it says 'better gay than no sex at all'

Block E, fairly busy

The final whistle blows, a relief for all

The old German 'la ola' of victory

Photos also 'viewable' on my flickr page.

And now what you've all been waiting for, a short video clip of the eejit Party Army in action:

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