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Saturday, March 29, 2008

TeBe at BFC Dynamo

Well it is too early to really report anything but the score with only a few eye witness reports online so far. TeBe apparently played awfully and lost 2-1 against BFC Dynamo in a match that (as we reported in the last post) is crucial for gaining the top three places and therefore could decide the fate of both of these famous sleeping giants of German football. I guess if you read between the lines of the last post then I could say that I told you so, but on this miserable day that doesn't give me any comfort. The news yesterday that the football league had decided that TeBe did not illegally play Fuss against T-spor meaning the points remain with us is nice news but rather overshadowed by this defeat.

The table looks like this now:

1. (1.) Hertha BSC II 17 14 2 1 34 41:7 44
2. (2.) Türkiyemspor 1978 18 11 3 4 13 27:14 36
3. (3.) FSV Optik Rathenow 18 10 5 3 10 25:15 35
4. (4.) FC Hansa Rostock II 17 10 4 3 27 44:17 34
5. (5.) Tennis Borussia Berlin 19 10 4 5 26 43:17 34
6. (6.) Greifswalder SV 04 18 10 3 5 18 37:19 33
7. (7.) BFC Dynamo 19 9 6 4 14 32:18 33
8. (8.) Lichterfelder FC 18 9 3 6 -4 29:33 30

Out of a deep love and affection caused by the hospitable nature of our old Stasi friends in East Berlin, some TeBe fans call BFC Dynamo the bowling ball club, which gave me the idea of spicing up todays ticker with some Big Lebowski quotes from favourite scenes. Well until more reports from fans come in or i feel the need to start putting blame where i see it, i will let the cast of the aforementioned film express how i feel about the result and TeBe's current situation in their own words..... not for kids though.

Indeed. Took the word right out of my mouth.

EDIT: Ok some reports are now in and it seems that TeBe played too many sloppy passes that did not connect, could not get a single decent cross or corner in, lacked midfield completely and were rubbish up front. That was pretty much our match analysis of the last game.

To make things worse a young Griesert scored the winner for BFC, a man that used to be a TeBe regular and back in the days was with Thiam and Fuss a talent that Jim and I really thought was playing a league under his class. Well he became unhappy at TeBe this season and apparently played shite, moved to BFC and has scored the winner against us. Nice one.

Match Day 20 | Sa, 29.03.2008 | 14.00 | Sportforum Hohenschönhausen

BFC Dynamo - Tennis Borussia
BFC Dynamo 2:1 (1:1) TeBe

Ref: Christian Schößling
Goals): 1:0 (5.) Rudwaleit, 1:1 (26.) Kukulies, 2:1 (75.) Griesert

Oh I need to play that Big Lebowski clip again.... F**K F**K F**K!


  • At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Kuddel said…

    What the hell was that? After the last beiden Matches, i ask me the question, what the coach gajda is trainiering? the mannschaft has noch tactical disziplin, we saw very wenig gescheite Gametrains. As somebody told me, they are always running. we are not in a leichtathletik verein! can somebody tell it the trainer!

    Oh my god, i don't want to play in the fünfte liga... come tebe boys!

    it will be noch a long way to the top, steinig und schwer.

    i am very enttäuscht.

    greetz kuddel


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