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Friday, February 29, 2008

BFC Dynamo 0:2 TeBe

Berliner Cup Quarter Final, Jahn Sportpark, Wednesday 27th February 2008


Scorer: Kulkulies, Savran (pen)

Attendance: ca. 1040 (ca. 200 TeBe)

So the Cup experts march into the semis against an altogether unpleasant opponent that had become somewhat of a bogey team in recent years.

Opinions on the game are somewhat divided, from fans on both sides. Either

a) it was a poor game contested by two poor sides, with TeBe being slightly better and slightly cuter, or

b) TeBe just took their foot off the gas after going 1-0 ahead, and could have easily scored 2 or 3 more, had they tried

Match report (German) on official site

Apparently we dominated until BFC had a man sent off in the second half, whereupon they came back into the game, until a foul in the box let hot-shot Halil score his 274th of the season (well almost!)

In any case we march on, a lage police presence prevented the Nasen from attacking our fans, and Sascha Kadow is officially useless. If TeBe win the semi, they may even have the privilege of the Kobold's presence (record: 2 Berlin Cup finals, 2 wins) at the final!

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