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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update: 1 Month Further On...

As our man in Berlin has still yet to be spotted among the Party Army this season due to boycott/ lethargy/ lack of Hancot the motivator (my mate in Belfast has made it to EVERY Linfield game since I've been back, already quadrupling his total for last season!), I guess it's up to me to keep any occasional English readers what's happening with the best team in Berlin.

Well, TeBe have managed, with their new/interim management team, to manoeuvre themselves into a good challenging position in the table in the past month with a series of fine performances. In chronological order then, a VERY brief summary:

19/10 Tebe 5:1 Yesilyurt (Savran 3, Fuss, Aydin) Crowd: 347

SV Green Table (so called cos of their propensity to appeal and gain points off the pitch,)apparently are going to withdraw from the league any time soon, or merge with BAK, which could prove a big disadvantage as they took points off our promotion-chasing rivals Dynamo, which they'll get back, putting them further ahead of us...

26/10 Hansa (A) 4:4 TeBe (Savran 3, Ergirdi) Crowd 220 (ca. 40 TeBe)

The biggie, and apparently of the best matches many TeBe fans had ever witnessed. Coming back from 2 down against the league leaders, then to lead 4-3 before a late equaliser would seem to indicate a pivotal moment in TeBe's season, and augurs well for challenges ahead.

03/11 TeBe 2:0 Greifswalder SV (Wanski, Fuss) Crowd: 443

A well-deserved and hard-fought win against a team that was going well in the league, apparently TeBe always looked in control, especially after the 2 early goals. nb: NO goal this time from Hot-shot Halil!

09/11: Lichterfelde FC 1:6 (SIX) TeBe (Wanski, Fuss, Biermann, Savran 3)

A veritable massacre from a rampant TeBe side that could have hit double figures on what has become a happy hunting ground in recent times for both players and fans. This result lifted TeBe to 5th in the table. This is how things look at the top of the table in mid-November, shortly before the Winter break:

  1. Hertha (A) Played 11 Won 10 Points 31
  2. Hansa (A) Played 11 Won 8 points 26
  3. Tuerkiyemspor Played 12 won 8 points 25
  4. BFC Dynamo Played 12 won 7 points 24
  5. TeBe Played 12 won 7 points 23
  6. Greifswalder Played 12 won 7 points 23

So although it looks as if 2nd place and thus automatic qualification for the new Regionaliga is possible, I still feel we'll fall back late on, as we always do, that Hansa are too strong, and that 3rd place is what we should be aiming for and will be scrapping for with BFC and the surprise package, Tuerkiyemspor. Who knows, if we keep this up and get our injured players back, maybe we might push on.

The only dark spot on the horizon is that clubs are starting to circle around Hotshot Halil, including 1FC Union. No wonder. If we can keep him (fit) until at least the end of the season, we have a big chance.

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  • At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    to update the update: TeBe recently won the home match vs BFC Preußen 3:0 in a very sophisticated and superior manner.

    Now on sunday we have another home match against Hertha II which are top of the league. Should be a very tough battle but I´m in good mood that TeBe will have a good chance to make a draw or maybe even win against Hertha.

    Come on TeBe!


  • At 6:29 AM, Anonymous zack said…

    tebe greatest team in tha world!


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