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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Update: 1 Month On

TeBe's results have taken a sharp upward turn, but that isw probably more due to the fact that the quality of the opposition has been very poor. The results appear convincing on paper, but my sources tell me that the actual performances have still been erratic and error-strewn. We still have no new permanent trainer in place, and have been beset by a host of injuries. However, this Oberliga we play in is so poor that despite 4 points from our first 5 matches, our recent form has driven us to 6th place in the table, right back in the hunt for 'promotion', or at least the play-off place. Here's those results, notice Savran's still banging them in, and that Micha Fuss has finally broken his duck for the season:

22/09 Ludwigsfelder fc 0:4 TeBe (Savran, Fuss 3)
28/09 TeBe 2:0 Spandauer SC (Fuss, Savran)
02/10 (Cup) TeBe 4:1 Victoria 89 (AET) (Ergirdi, Savran, Aydin, Below)
05/10 BAK 0:5 TeBe (Fuss, Yilmaz, Savran 3)

Friendly against our rivals Babeslberg this weekend. Things are slowly looking up...


  • At 7:57 AM, Anonymous nicholas said…

    I was at the BAK match and can attest to the fact that they provided no real challenge as an opponent.

  • At 12:46 PM, Anonymous jimhancot said…

    That was the impression i got from the forums too, Nicholas, and that's the thing, most of this league is frankly rubbish and for us to be getting draws against the likes of Schoeneiche is just not good enough. I expect us to continue our good run until late in the season, when we do our annual implosion and fail to make even the play-offs, good old TeBe.

    Glad to see you're still reading? With oneof the team in Belfast and the other not attending matches until the 'Dream Team' [sic] of PA and MW are gone, there's not really a lot of scope for live, informed updates...

  • At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well - Spandauer SV and BAK weren´t real opponents I have to admit. But nevertheless I´m slightly more optimistic since my last posting.

    Next home match is a must win, no matter how (vs. Yesilyurt). The weekend after that we have an away against Hansa Rostock II. I hope that at least some of the injured will than participate. This match will be a real test, a crucial point of this season. Let´s wait & look (and hope...)



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