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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dejan Gone

TeBe and Dejan decided to go their separate ways today. Report in German on the official site. Like I said in my last report, it was the right decision, possibly just at the right time to try to salvage something from this season. I'm not going to dissect his shortcomings, again, that was done the last time round. Instead, my best and worst from his almost 2-year reign:


1. The Berlin Cup win in extra time 2006 against Hertha amateurs. Dramatic comeback, dramatic late victory, a team that looked to be going places.
2. The 3-1 away win at Babelsberg last October. Stuffing our big nearest rivals, playing good football, coping with the pressure, it looked to be a turning point in our fortunes.


1. Dejan's comments immediately after that away game, when he called us 'the best team in the league'. We clearly weren't, seeing as that win still left us 5 behind B03 at that stage, and the 2 dire draws follwing the game proved the folly of Dejan's foolish boast.
2. The 5-2 away defeat against BAK at the end of last season, what DBA called "a massacre", "the worst second half of football played by a team that he'd ever seen".
3. Both season starts under his stewardship, leaving us effectively out of the running by mid-September. Even Butlins' season lasts till October.

Thanks Dejan, and good luck for the future, but it was time for both of us to move on. Who next? No idea.


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