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Monday, July 30, 2007

New 'Sponsor'

I'm far far away in not-so-sunny England, so I'm only observing developments at TeBe from a second-hand, occasional perspective, and, as such, welcome corrections or points of information on the following post.

It seems that the club has an investment of €1.5m coming its way (emphasis on investment), from a company called 'Treasure AG', run by a Mario Weinkauf, ex-President of... BFC Dynamo. Weinkauf lost out in a power struggle at BFC in June, took his money and ran, and now he seems to want to put his concept into action at TeBe. This causes me many many misgivings, for all sorts of reasons:

1. Weinkauf's attitude to BFC's hooligan and neo-Nazi problem was, erm, rather akin to an ostrich's with his head firmly in the sand.
2. An investment, with 'Treasure AG' looking for a concrete financial return, something we can only achieve through continued sporting success (and I'm thinking 2 promotions in the space of 3/4 years, which, considering we haven't achieved a promotion in almost 10, seems a tall order) smacks worringly of the 'Goettinger Gruppe' investment fiasco of the late 90s, a repeat of which TeBe will not survive; I strongly doubt TeBe has the basis or potential for the returns that Treasure AG will expect
3. Peter Antony's back pulling the strings at TeBe, along with his mate Weinkauf, who are forming a duo at the head of "Tennis Borussia Marketing GmbH"; back with his classless act and postings on Lila Kanal; back trying to verbally slap down anyone who dares criticise or express doubt at this manna from heaven; back alienating people. This man's relationship to the truth is tenuous at best, his manner not befitting a man in his position and unbecoming of a great club like TeBe, and his behaviour in the past 6 months should have meant him forfeiting any say in the future of this club.

I would provide a link to the new investor's website so you could make your own mind up, but apparently they don't have one. Hmm.

Weinkauf and Antony. A match made in heaven? Sceptical is not the word...


  • At 8:20 PM, Anonymous Daniele said…

    Hi guys!

    Best wishes for the season.

    PS:Are you a supporters' lub or just a group of friends?

  • At 3:09 PM, Anonymous jimhancot said…

    Welcome to the site!

    Just a (very small) group of friends. Come and join us!


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