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Monday, April 02, 2007

Motor Eberswalde 2:2 TeBe


And as I did the Berlin Half-Marathon beforehand, I only had to witness the second half. Thank goodness I didn't have to pay to watch that dross.

Soulless. Passionless. Players going through the motions. Players who can't even control a ball. Nor pass it 2 yards.

Fair play to Eberswalde, they fought for one another, and should have won with a late piledriver that looked suspiciously like a 'Wembley Tor' (ie, it was IN). They now have a massive 13 points in this league and are more or less relegated. We, on the other hand, can kiss goodbye to the title, and on that showing, will struggle to finish in the top 3 for qualifying for next year's Oberliga.

By my reckoning, we have 4 players that are good enough: Schalle, Thiam, Savran and Fuss. And even Micha is a shadow of his former self. I'd be surprised if most of these are at the club next season. Our midfield simply isn't good enough, even Petrowsky had a stinker yesterday. Our defence is porous, we are too lightweight, we can't pass a ball.

I really fear for the future of this club. It looks as if many have given up. No President, no-trainer, staff not having been paid, a trainer who tactically isn't good enough, a mediocre small squad of players, big debts, a poor fan base. I'm depressed.

Photos when I get internet at home again.



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