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Saturday, March 10, 2007

TeBe 1:0 BFC Preussen

Friday 10th March, 2007.

Team: Ulbricht - Camara, Thiam, Schalle - Griesert, Petrovsky, Lemcke, Galic, Kurbel - Savran, Fuß

Goal: Schmidt (86)

Attendance: 412

Before the match, this looked like a home banker for us, despite Preussen's recent run of good form. In reality, it turned out to be a real tough battle, and although I felt we just about deserved to win, we were very lucky too, very Babelsberg-esque, if you will.

I wasn't looking forward to the game and didn't really want to be there at the start; big arguments and disagreements broke out among TeBe fans this week regarding the BFC Dynamo away match next week and how we would approach it, more about this possibly later in another thread, but I knew it would be tense and awkward, and sure enough it was, an uneasy congregation leading to what I thought was a very muted atmosphere from Block E. This was not helped by the rain, some fair weather fans preferring to stand under cover at the toilets or disused turnstile entrance, breaking up the unit. I didn't go near Block E at all in the first half, had no desire to, but luckily found a few old familar faces to chat away with about St. Pauli, Celtic and the like.

No video of the fans this week, cos it was raining and I couldn't be bothered.

So, onto the match. TeBe had more of the play, and created more chances, but were very wasteful. Fuss missed 2 great chances when played through that he should have scored, the second taking the ball far too wide left of the keeper and only hitting the side netting, but to his credit, he almost scored with a peach of a volley from a cross from the right. Savran also hit the post, but at the other end, we had once 3rd choice goalie Ulbricht to thank for some great saves to keep us in the game, one after a very unusual defensive mistake from the again mountainous Thiam. Bruno was a bit nervy at times but I thought he played great last night. He made at least 2 truly great saves.

The second half was more of the same, TeBe getting increasingly nervy and desperate as the game went on. They had all of the pressure, but were susceptible to the counter-attack on a few attack. By this time I'd made my way over to Block E with a few of the older crew, including Matze, back in Berlin for a few weeks, it was great to chat with him and take my mind off the poor show on the pitch.

Sure enough, I missed the winning and only goal. I was peeing against the fence when I heard a big cheer, I thought I'd chosen my moment well as we'd just missed a great chance before. But apparently Schmidt forced it home after a goalmouth scramble.

There were a lot more English speakers in Block E last night than usual, some very British, Australian and American-looking people, and it turned out that a manager guy (Jan?) from a nearby youth hostel who had grown up in the area and played at the Mommse with his school as a kid had brought 12 of the youth hostel guests along who were looking for live football! They seemed to enjoy it and praised the friendly, relaxed atmosphere; I think the large number of English songs helped too. Top marks to that man, he no doubt helped earn the club a few hundred Euros through entry, merchandise and beer! Then, in the clubroom Casino after the match, I was introduced to a group of 6 lads from Bristol who were over for the Union-St. Pauli match, and took in TeBe while they were at it, they enjoyed it and it was interesting to chat about Bristol Rovers and their progress with them.

Me and Doughnut Boy then headed off to a birthday party, where we got talking to a couple of confident Babelsbergers, who were telling us of their plans for their actions during the away match in Schoenberg tomorrow, good lads.

Can't see us going up, Babelsberg are still winning close matches, they've only conceded 7 goals in the league and we're still 9 points behind once FC Green Table get kicked out. I also think we're too weak in certain positions, I think our midfield isn't strong enough, and we miss Weidner. But you never know.

Beer stand, the old 'Beaver Beer Hut'. TeBe took over control of the catering at the Mommse recently, and while they're making some good improvements, this beer hut ain't one of them. I waited 10 minutes at the counter to be served while the guy filled 25 plastic glasses with foam just so I could get 2 beers. Apparently they hoked out an old beer tapping machine from the cellar as the old owners took theirs with them. Well, it doesn't work, and Hans said the beer tasted shit (I had the cold, I couldn't tell). Oh, and 1 EUR Pfand (deposit) for plastic pint glasses is a joke.

Block E, first half, looking somewhat emptier and wetter than usual

Lemcke 'high-fiving' with the fans after the match. The youth hostel guests were had thought this was cool, they'd never seen it, and thought it was a good sign of closeness between fans and players



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