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Saturday, March 17, 2007

BFC Dynamo 2:1 TeBe

Jahn Sport Park, Saturday 17th March 2007

Team: Ulbricht - Below, Thiam, Scholl (Griesert) - Savran, Camara, Petrowsky, Kurbjuweit - Schmidt, Lemcke (Ndoja) - Fuß.

Goals: 1:0 (15.) Kutrieb, 2:0 (62.) Ritter, 2:1 (79.) Kurbjuweit.

Attendance: 359 (maybe 15 TeBe fans?)

My ticket from today: 8 years old!!

TeBe U19 - Hansa U19

Today was one of my more bizarre footballing experiences. TeBe played an away match against DDR record holders Dynamo, the match being moved to a ground not a million miles away from where I live, for security reasons. This week also happened to be the Berlin FA's action week against racism and violence, 2 things that some fans of BFC are very familiar with. Similar to Babelsberg earlier in the season, TeBe fans decided to boycott their away match with Dynamo, so as not to financially support such a club where, at the VERY least, a blind eye is turned to racist, homophobic and anti-semitic chants, violence, and right-wing extremism. We intended to have someone at the match erect a banner saying

"TeBe Fans Against Racism and Violence - That's Why We're Not Here!"

and, because we still wanted to keep up-to-date with what was going in there, we sent a spy with mobile in hand to keep us informed of any developments, went to watch the under 19s match at our home ground, where any news was to be flashed up on the scoreboard.

So, in essence, I travelled 45 minutes to a match I didn't want to be at, just so I could look at a scoreboard for updates on a match taking place 5 minutes from my home. And I did this willingly. It was an altogether bizarre scenario, but it helped that there were around 30 eejits who did exactly the same thing (I imagine everybody else did the sensible thing and stayed at home). And it wasn't as tense as it should have been, mainly cos TeBe went behind early on and apparently played guy, with no chance of equalising. Here, in scoreboard picture form, is how the match unfolded:

Good work Mr. Bungle, those present at the match, and the eejit stadium announcer for keeping us informed throughout.

BFC believed a boycott was useless as we have no fans anyway. To disprove this theory, here's a few pictures of Block E, home of the Party Army, totally choca:


The match we were at was rubbish, Hansa juniors played really well, were far superior and fully deserved their 4-0 win. The most entertainment we had in fact was from 2 Hertha kids whose football boots and football mysteriously disappeared for a time... yes, that's how dull it was.

We got some reports through after the match. Which pissed me off. They have yet to be confirmed, but this is what I heard:

1. 15-20 TeBe fans there. One question to the non-rentner crew: WHY? Solidarity works both ways.
2. The wallpaper message stating 'TeBe Fans Against Racism and Violence - That's Why We're Not Here!' was not on display, and ripped/ blew away in the wind and rain.
3. Some stewards showed their allegiances and cheered on their team, especially in the last 10 minutes.
4. A separate TeBe banner was displayed. If so, WHY?

The only crumbs of comfort, bearing this in mind, were that there were no TV cameras there, the crowd attendance was so low and what with the police presence and increased security measures, it was a costly day for BFC.

On the footballing side, by all accounts, TeBe were poor and BFC, with a new trainer in charge, fully deserved their win.

And to finish, a couple of photos of the beautiful Mommse in all its glory:

Oh, and one last thing. Babelsberg, 13 points ahead, could only draw at home, and STILL they extended their lead. Typical TeBe. We really are too dumb to go up. Oberliga Forever.



  • At 12:48 AM, Anonymous bungle said…

    "So, in essence, I travelled 45 minutes to a match I didn't want to be at, just so I could look at a scoreboard for updates on a match taking place 5 minutes from my home."


    (did at least linfield win?)

  • At 2:28 PM, Anonymous jimhancot said…

    I know, ludicrous situation :)

    By all accounts, 6 young TeBe fans there yesterday and a sprinkling of pensioners. One mouthy fan apparently should know better, words will have to be exchanged...

    And yes, Linfield won 3-0 and extended their lead at the top to 3 points!


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