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Monday, March 12, 2007

1.FC Union II 2:2 TuS Makkabi Berlin

Hämmerlingweg, Sunday 11th March 2007

Attendance: ca. 120

A few of us decided to go to this match just out of interest, and because a Union II match had to be abandoned before Xmas because of fireworks being repeatedly fired onto the pitch; we wanted to see if it was a one-off, and to be eyewitnesses just in case.

In the event, only myself and N. could make it, and in the end we were very glad we made the effort, as we were rewarded with a glorious sunny day and a game of football which, although the level wasn't great - "Not gegen Elend", or 'Rubbsh vs rubbish' as one Makkabi fan described it - provided us with plenty of action and goals.

It took us a while to find the pitch, but we were able to walk in for free, and it was located right in the shadow of Union's old-school 'Alte Foersterei' ground, so I managed to finally have a look at it and take some pics. In fact, in the end, it cost me 4 EUR to watch the game, there was no entrance turnstile, the stewards walked down the line of fans during the first half with a kitty and tickets and charged the fans like that!

The fans themselves were seemingly just mad keen Union fans, or friends and relatives of the players out for a Sunday afternoon's stroll/ entertainment. One or two dodgy-looking characters, but no stress and no dodgy comments whatsoever, except for the 'lady of a certain age' standing beside us, who got quite carried away at times, using some colourful language! I reckon she must have influenced the Makkabi trainer sitting in front of her, who got sent off 8 minutes into the second half for muttering some choice words under his breath to the linesman, who had already warned him in the first half.

Onto the game itself. It was quite a niggly affair, though by no means dirty, and I felt the ref was quite anal and whistle-happy, Bierverteiler would have been proud of him! The classic case of his analness was when Makkabi went to restart the game after Union went 2-1 ahead, he refused to let them kick-off, did not think to inform anyone why, and it was only after a Makkabi player shouted to two Union fans "Get behind the fance, he won't let us re-start until you do!" that everyone realised what was going on, then just laughed at him.

For the first 20 minutes, Union were well on top, and looked more like a side gunning for promotion. But Makkabi hit them with a classic sucker punch in the 19th minute, a ball over the top to the No. 9 (Manu) and he scored an absolute belter, hitting an unstoppable shot first time from 25 yards from right to left that rocketed past the keeper.

Union II fought their way back into the game, and equalised 3 minutes later from a unfortunate OG from the Makkabi No. 5, a looping header from 12 yards dipping past the keeper and in just under the bar. The rest of the first half was a niggly, even affair.

The second half was a dream start from Union, who forced the ball home from a close-range header after a couple of mistakes from the Makkabi keeper and crosses flying across his goalmouth. Makkabi started to press again, and the tackles started to get dirtier. But Makkabi were rewarded for their persistence in the 58th minute when the No. 13 drilled a 20-yarder in at the near post from the right; the Union keeper really should have saved it at his near post.

Both sides pressed, but no-one could find a winner, and I thought a draw was a fair result. For me, MOTM was the Makkabi No. 9, scored a great goal and worked his socks off, with no shortage of skill. For Union, the big No.5 stood out, a very confident player, with presence, a cool head and good passing.

Sorry about the videos, I missed the 2 goals and cursed myself later for it.

First wasted free-kick

Another set-piece in vain

Last-gasp counter-attack wasted

Union's cost-cutting measures hit hard: here's their clubhouse!

Makkabis' pre-match huddle. Makkabi Chai!

Union II kick off

Makkabi frantically clear

Union has all the big games! An event not to be missed! It's free in, what more do you want?!

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  • At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    However the sound of jimhancot is telling us much about the author. You don't have to like 1.FC Union Berlin but if you visit and write about us do it fair and with integrity.

    The 1.FC Union Berlin is a club with great fans and long traditions. We are open-minded fans and we don't support radical people. We support our club and we stand against every kind radicalism.

    However I assume a radical fan group like this of TeBe will never understand our way.

  • At 2:37 PM, Blogger jimhancot said…

    I had a nice time there on Sunday. The reason I was there, in my own capacity as an individual I might add, was because I like Makkabi, cos of the Hertha 06 incident and the potential for trouble from those of an anti-Jewish tilt.

    Or is it the 2 pictures with cheeky comments that offend you so much?

    Where have I not written fairly?

    Like I said, I'd a nice time, no stress at all, even the Ordner were friendly. I have many Union-supporting friends. Glad to see you visiting the site :)

  • At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Doughnut Boy Andy said…


    Nimm die Rot-Weiss Opfer Brille ab bitte. Nur weil es hier eine TeBe-Seite ist, bedeutet nicht dass über Union umbedingt schlecht geredet wird. Jims Bericht ist eigentlich ganz positiv und wenn man bedenkt dass er als Tebe Fan dort war um Makkabi zu unterstützen und das offen zugibt weiss ich nicht was du hier zu meckern hast.

    Aber: Welcome to the site!


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