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Monday, February 26, 2007

Standing Room

From the BBC:

Football terraces, which were phased out at big grounds after the Taylor report into the Hillsborough tragedy, could be brought back under the Tories.

Conservative leader David Cameron vowed to review the ban taking into account the views of fans, police and clubs.

Safety had to be "priority number one", he said, but there may be a way to organise limited standing areas.

All-seater stadiums were recommended after 96 people were crushed to death in Sheffield's Hillsborough stadium.

Football clubs in England's Premier League are legally obliged to have all-seater grounds.

In response to a question on the Tory leader's website, asking about the possibility of reinstating standing areas, Mr Cameron said: "Obviously the first principle here has got to be safety first after the dreadful events at Hillsborough."

"But I do understand the point that other countries manage to organise things in a slightly different way, and there may be some more modern ways of organising the limited standing areas."

He said he would ask his sports minister to review existing regulations and "have a really good look at this".

"But priority number one has got to be safety," he said.


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