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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Rumour Mill

Well Perez has definitely gone, flown back to South America it seems.

Rumours are that Nwankwo has been sacked, Kollmorgen is off, and Vuckovic has been linked with Union. On a personally sad note, Thompson may be off back to Canada but I havent heard anything 100% yet. Also alarming is the rumour that Thiam may be offered a training trial with Jena.

Hardly surprising conidering Thiam is probably the best defender in the league. In fact when the club claimed that they will be building up a team for next season around Thiam and Fuss, Jim Hancot and I were rather amazed about the confidence of TeBe that they will be able to keep these two players. They are both Regional League quality and TeBe cant offer them that for a while yet.

The prospect of Thiam leaving is such a disappointment that David immediately opened this thread on the LK. General feeling is that we cant afford to lose him.



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