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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Photo Not So Love Story: Hansa II

Strange year for Hansa II, 2006.

A generally nice place to go for an away trip with its quaint entrance area through the woods....

.... its close up view of the pitch....

.... the voyeuristic "blick" into the dugouts....

.... the overview from the bank....

.... the friendly (if a little slow) beer stand and tables with tasty food....

.... and surrounded by the sports facilities of the old east on one side .....

.... and the modern new facilities on the other side....

.... but the year had been controversial. The team had drawn a home tie against Schalke in the cup this season and Asamoah, S04 and Germany's star forward, was greeted the whole match with monkey noises because Asamoah is black. The 2nd team were fined 20,000 Euros and although this sent out a good signal, cynics took the view that this sort of thing sadly goes on unnoticed all the time in German football and on a different day, with a different player and without the publicity then these events get swept under the carpet.

Now I have never personally had any trouble at Rostock II before. With the big draw in the cup a lot of fans came along to the match that arent usually there for the Oberliga division 4 matches against us. Usually the crowd are a mixture of young fanatics, parents with kids, pensioners, fellow players and the odd student or two. There is a noice sense of humour there and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.... shame nobody told the security guys:

- Any attempt to go over the first barrier (still a barrier and a bit away from the pitch) to take photos were "not allowed"

- One fan was not allowed in to the match for being too drunk. A fair enough reason perhaps but the bullshit excuse of personal safety was given where he was certainly much safer with us than wandering around alone outside in the Rostock woods.

- At the end the security even tried to stop the players shaking hands with the fans, well tried to stop the fans going to shake hands with the players before the players tried to come to us and then were hindered by the security.

- But remembering the scandal that Hansa II got themselves into this season with the racism charge, the most amazing development of the day was that the following banner was not allowed to be hung up in the stadium!

Most ironic was the silly excuse given, an excuse that we all knew to be big bullshit especially as we have taken the same banner there before in the past.

The event left a more bitter after-taste a few days later when the following banner was to be seen at the stadium opening festival and match at Magdeburg:

Translation: Every system can be switched off - National Socialism

Source 11 Freunde and tip: Endi

As you can see from the photo from Rostock, we held the banner up at the end anyways but the love affair I had with Hansa II has taken a bitter blow with the events of 2006 - then of course there was the score!

For the match report scroll down to Jim's entry!


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