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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Blog From A Good Man

Milli has started his own blog dealing with football concerts and politics in the Leipzig area, here:

Hallo Fußballfans, hier geht es um Fußball und Partys im Leipziger Raum. Neben Chemie mit seinen Ablegern Roter Stern, RB Chemie und TuS Leutzsch stehen hochkarätige Veranstaltungen kultureller Art im Blickfeld des Blogbetreibers.

One of the good men in Leipzig, he might be interested in this article:

LEIPZIG, Germany - The phone call two weeks ago reached D. at a cafe in Conne Island, the center of the pro-Israel radical left in Leipzig. On the line was a correspondent from a local radio station asking the 24-year-old if members of the club were aware that at that very moment a neo-fascist parade was being held on the other side of town.

"Do you realize what they did," D. said angrily last weekend. "The neo-Nazis and the municipality concealed it from us and called it 'a protest against the deployment of the German army around the world,' but basically it was an anti-Zionist rally. They shouted 'we won't shed our blood for Israel,' after troops were deployed in Lebanon."

Within an hour, D. and his friends were able to organize 200 young people, most of them non-Jews, to stream into the neighborhood where the parade was taking place to confront the neo-Nazi demonstrators. This is what the anti-fascist left does at nearly every rally, parade or gathering of the extreme right across Germany. But the German police force was prepared and identified the young protesters and prevented them from disrupting the rally.

Happy New Year to the good men and women of Leipzig, whether football fans or not - See you all in a few weeks I guess!

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