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Monday, January 08, 2007

Hall Ball Time

Yes its the silly season again - Winter break and indoor football cups to be won.

And TeBe did quite well the other day in exactly one of those cups, in Wittenberg I believe. This top event, sponsored by a local bank and in a sweaty sports hall, was an international affair, the town sponsoring the petrol money for their partner town in the far far east (Hungary) to come and play.

Group A

TeBe - Grün-Weiß Piesteritz 4:1
Rot-Weiß Kemberg - SG Trebitz 2:3
TeBe - SG Trebitz 5:1
Rot-Weiß Kemberg - Grün-Weiß Piesteritz 0:3
TeBe - Rot-Weiß Kemberg 3:1
SG Trebitz - Grün-Weiß Piesteritz 0:5

1. Tennis Borussia 12:3 9 Pts
2. Grün-Weiß Piesteritz 9:4 6 Pts
3. SG Trebitz 3:13 3 Pts
4. Rot-Weiß Kemberg 3:9 4 Pts

Group B

Cottbus II - Békéscsaba 6:1
Einheit Wittenberg - Blau-Rot Coswig 4:0
Cottbus II - Einheit Wittenberg 1:1
Békéscsaba - Blau-Rot Coswig 3:4
Cottbus II - Blau-Rot Coswig 2:1
Békéscsaba - Einheit Wittenberg 2:2

1. Energie Cottbus II 9:3 7 Pts
2. Einheit Wittenberg 7:3 5 Pts
3. Blau-Rot Coswig 5:9 3 Pts
4. Jamina SE Békéscsaba 6:13 1 Pts


TeBe - Einheit Wittenberg 4:0
Cottbus II - Grün-Weiß Piesteritz 5:2

Runners Up

Einheit Wittenberg - Grün-Weiß Piesteritz 1:4


TeBe - Cottbus II 3:3 4:6 (after extra time and penalties!)

And who missed their penalty?......

Well done Jens, it only happens to the finest: You can now officially play for England. Dont despair though, its a cult status to do so well and nearly win. Hope to see you again still in a TeBe shirt next month on the real pitch.

Our goalscorers were:
Savran (8) Griesert (4), Aykut (4), Kadow (2) and Below.

Well done TeBe and thanks to the Eberswalder Tennis Fan for this amazingly detailed report that is sadly only in German - great reading.


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