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Monday, January 22, 2007

Altglienicke II - Makkabi II - Take Two

I had a particular interest in going along to this match, because of what happened the first time these two sides met which caused the match to be abandoned. Again, the report on it can be read in full on Ten German Bombers, let's just say horrible anti-Semitism, right-wing extremism and threats were involved.

Anyhow, we went along to show our solidarity, and to be there in case any stress or intimidation happened again. All in all, there were around 80 spectators, including 7 from TeBe. Not bad considering this is something like an 11th Division game.

The crowd

It was BALL freezing. It was -1 degree, with wind chill making it much colder, so much so in fact that the artificial pitch was already frozen and icy around the edges.

For such a low level, it was actually quite an entertaining affair, much more skill involved on plastic pitches, and players spent most of their time trying to stay on their feet due to slippery underfoot conditions. It was played in a good spirit, the Altglienicke fans were ok this time, just mates and family of the players, and Makkabi had the better of the play, forcing the keeper into a number of fine stops until he was finally beaten just before half-time, rounded by the tricky Makkabi number 7, who slotted it calmly home after a neat through-ball.

Everyone piled into the club house at half time for warmth. Or the kitchen, as it turned out to be. Actually we got some lovely Turkish tea, the match of course took plae in Kreuzberg on a neutral pitch, a decision made by the Berlin FA after the first one was abandoned.

One more onto the breach for the second half. Altglienicke came more into it and were unlucky not to get a penalty after what appeared to be a handball in the box. Conditions became more treacherous underfoot, a Makkabi midfielder having to come off with a nasty gash which soaked his sock in blood, and a few players landing heavily, including the keeper. Makkabi went 2 up with a great great goal, the number 11 cutting inside from the left and unleashing an unstoppable shot into the top right corner from 25 yards to the delight of the Makkabi 'ultras' ;)

But by now the pitch was bad, especially around the edges. The officials had had a talk shortly after the goal about the pitch, but opted to carry on, but after an Altglienicke player fell badly on the touchline, slipping while desperatly trying to pursue a ball and clear it upfield, the Altglienicke management said enough is enough, wanted to instigate a walk-off, the players stood around and waited, the ref and linesmen came together and said 'match abandoned'.

Off they go

The ref after said he had to take the safety of the players into consideration, and that if anything happened he could not face the responsibility, so he pulled the plug, 21 minutes before the end, he said. Felix, trusty TeBe stalwart, said that only 10 minutes were left, which would have meant the result would have stood maybe?

Anyhow, the game has to be replayed AGAIN. I'm sure the Berlin FA would have wanted to avoid this, but nothing else could be done. Shame. And I froze and probably got a cold ultimately for nothing.

Sorry the photos are so poor, realised that trying to take action night shots with poor light with my camera is a non-starter.

This for the TeBe ref, Bierverteiler! It means "Whoever swears at or insults the referee can expect to be escorted off the premises"



  • At 2:51 PM, Anonymous cruyff casuals said…

    shabath shalom motherfuckers,
    but hey, haven`t we been casuals yesterday,did we? :-)
    but nice freezing together then, anyway, see ya tomorrow.

  • At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Norbert said…

    Thanks a lot for the detailed report! I had thought about attending the match, but the fuckin freezy chill factor kept me from going and I preferred to play cardgames with some mates in a warm kitchen. I know - I´m a coward, but a comfortable one ;-)

    Hope to see you soon, me dear reverend. I don´t know if I´m coming to the test match on sunday - due to the demonstration. Are you going to the demo as well? If so I guess we´d see us.

    Cheers Norbert


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