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Monday, November 13, 2006

Lichterfelde FC 0:3 TeBe

Friday 10th November

Team: Greil - Schalle, Thiam, Below - Weidner - Scholl (Dada), Nwankwo (Perez), Petrowsky, Thomson (Lemcke) - Savran, Fuß

Goals: Thiam, Fuss, Savran

Attendance: 398

TeBe got back to winning ways with a convincing performance against a team that was flying and level on points going into the game. Lots of good efforts, but particular mention to the back three, Thomson and Nwankwo (unfortunate name for an English audience) and especially Micha Fuss up front, who was on fire yet again. Not much to report on the match front, TeBe controlled the game.

Off the pitch, it really was something of a spectacle. The Berlin police had declared the match a 'security game', meaning that they would be in force suspecting trouble between fans, somewhat bewildering as a) there has never been any previous between the clubs, and b) Lichterfelde hardly have any fans anyway... So some TeBe fans decided to protest against this in a light-hearted way by making the game a 'motto trip', the motto being: "TeBe is Loving" [lieb doesn't translate here so well]. Cue lots of fans bringing angels, wearing angel wings and halos, and peace t-shirts, not to mention some wearing full hippy regalia. In accordance, many of our songs were changed to more 'loving' versions, so

"Let's Go TeBe, Fight and Win!" became

"Let's Go TeBe, Cuddle and Love!" (it does translate better in the German, honest!)

The atmosphere was superb throughout, the dressed-up eejits being backed by the rest of the Party Army, Casuals and all, and the stand we were in, complete with roof, made us sound a lot louder than our numbers might have suggested. The LFC stadium announcer even thanked us for our great support.

LFC had top facilities too, 3 EUR in, 2 EUR for a big beer, a great clubhouse where I was to get VERY drunk later, and friendly staff. A great night.

German report on Ultras71.

Photos from Denis here. Doughnut Boy has stopped taking them cos he's too lazy.


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