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Monday, October 30, 2006

TSG Neustrelitz 0:0 TeBe

Saturday 28th October 2006, Parkstadion

TeBe: Greil - Schalle, Thiam, Perez - Weidner, Petrowsky, Lemcke, Eckl (58. Nwankwo) - Savran, Fuß, Griesert (75. Kadow)

Attendance: 745 (50 TeBe Fans)
Booked: Scholze, Lösel - Petrowsky, Perez
Sent off: Lösel (68.) - Petrowsky (90.)

Another drab performance, another two points lost against a poor opponent, this one even decimated by injuries. Yet again there are no excuses for a listless, laboured 'effort', one lacking any spark or will to win. I had to read the other match reports to recall what happened, all I remember was Savran hitting the post from a corner near the end of the first half, the sendings off, and fofie missing a great one-on-one chance to finish us off near the end. Maybe it was something to do with the fact that my girlfriend was there, for her first ever football match. After this she'll hardly be rushing back for more.

People can try and gloss over it or draw the positives all they want, as they have been on Lila Kanal, but the fact is that we're not good enough to achieve our stated aim of promotion. 7 games unbeaten and 9 points better off than last season count for nothing when your no.1 rivals have gained more points in that period and are now NINE points clear. Our midfield are not creative or hungry enough, our team lacks a real leader and there seems a general lack of wanting to fight for one another.

Who to blame is the question. Questions now have to be asked of Dejan's tactical and motivational ability at this level, plus the role and effect of the Maschke brothers in the team's internal affairs. TeBe trumpeted promotion as our stated aim at the start of the season, said we had the best squad in years, Dejan boldly proclaimed our team was the best in the league just 2 weeks back. THIS IS PLAINLY NOT THE CASE. The Winter break will be telling. If we're out of contention by then, something will have to give.

Some positives and negatives from the day:

+ Nice train journey there, the Party Army were in good spirit
+ Nice ground (location), very reasonable beer and food prices and a friendly crowd
+ Good support in the first half

- Team 'performance'
- No pupil/ student/ jobless reduced price was a bit cheeky, but 4 EUR was still top banana
- Idiot wannabe hardman security guard shoving a Party Army member at half time for wanting to take a photo from a yard inside the running track
- Too much alcohol consumed by many
- TeBe fans not sticking together on the way to and from the ground, and perceiving non-existent stress on the way home

I had a disappointing trip, all in all.


  • At 5:24 AM, Anonymous memyselfandi said…

    Made it.

    On the clementine tune:
    [dedicated to pancakes grandpa... :-)]
    Oh ihr zonis,
    (you could switch that to deutsche as well, get`s kinda difficult against yesilyurt or bak)
    oh ihr zonis,
    ihr waehlt nazis
    bitte sehr
    /:und wenn wir dann bomber fliegen
    kommen wir auch wieder her:/ (means repeat)

    Und wenn wir dann
    bomber fliegen
    und der volksempfaenger schweigt
    /:weil der fuehrer tod im bunker
    und die bombe auf euch zeigt:/ (repeat)

    Und so wie dann
    diese bombe
    die nur noch laesst
    ruinen steh`n
    werdet ihr euch
    nur noch wuenschen
    ( „doch auch“ would work as well,would be better, i`m gonna replace it )
    ihr haettet
    tebe nie gesehn!


  • At 11:44 AM, Blogger jimhancot said…

    i like it! But I dunt reckon it'll go down to well with some of the more PC-members of the TeBe fan group, esp the ones that really hate the 'Kuehe Schweine' and anti-Ost chants...

  • At 9:00 AM, Anonymous memyselfandi said…

    it`s: http://www.liberte-toujours.tk/


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