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Sunday, October 22, 2006

TeBe 1:1 FC Schönberg 95

21st October 2006, Mommenstadion

Goals: 0:1 (83.) Urgast, 1:1 (90.) Thiam

Team: Same as last week, save Galic replaced by Eckl

Schlecht. Nur schlecht. After the high of beating the league leaders last weekend came the low of scraping a draw with a run-of-the-mill Oberliga side at home in the last minute. To be honest, we didn't really even deserve a point. We laboured, but we had no creativity, I only recall one really good chance in the 1st half, a back-heel flick from Vucko which went wide, we had no fight, there seemed no urgency, and we were hit on the counter attack a number of times by a well-organised Schoenberg side who finally punished our dawdling and huffing and puffing with a well-worked counter, a break over the top, down the left, cross in, the striker had all the space in the world to bend it past Greil.

Our equaliser came in injury time via a header from a corner from our best player yet again, ABDOUL Thiam. He's too good for this league and too good for us. We badly miss a playmaker, and our three up front seemed out of sorts. Something seems not to be right in the team. The passion, commitment and fight shown against Babelsberg was sorely lacking here.

Poor crowd (by that I mean around 300), lots at the anti-Nazi demo or at the Moenchengladbach match in the Olympic Stadium. Beautiful t-shirt weather. Kobold's altered Norn Iron TeBe flag was in attendance for the first time.

The fans are understandably depressed and resigned. Babelsberg won a tight away match 1-0 and so go 7 clear again. Winning tight matches when you're not playing well is not something that TeBe do well, especially when they're expected to, and for that reason no promotion for us this season. Depressing. Photos maybe from the Doughnut Boy if he can be bothered.


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