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Sunday, October 15, 2006

SV Babelsberg 03 1:3 Tennis Borussia

13th October, Karl-Liebknecht Stadion, Attendance 2379

TeBe: Greil - Schalle, Thiam, Below - Weidner, Lemcke, Petrowsky, Galic (16. Eckl) - Savran, Vuckovic (61. Schmidt), Griesert (74. Kadow).

This is a bit late, due to me recovering and being busy with room stuff.

What a result. More than that, WHAT A PERFORMANCE. After last week’s apparently embarrassing friendly performance, and the somewhat ‘stuttering’ efforts that I’ve witnessed, TeBe finally stepped up to the plate when it really mattered.

[For my non-Berlin friends: Babelsberg, before Friday, had won 7 out of 7 in the league, conceding only 1 goal. We were already 8 points behind them and thus this was already a cup-final for us, lose and it was game over already. We’ve been in League 4 for long enough, and realistically this is our last chance to get into Division 3.]

So as you see, I went into the game honestly without any trepidation, I thought we’d lose 3-1, all over, nothing I had witnessed thus far made me think differently. Doughnut Boy was his usual nerves. We met up with friends bit by bit on the regional train down towards Potsdam. We all congregated in Wannsee, and here, I decided I’d start drinking beer after all (beer pressure, as I call it). The Party Army headed to Babelsberg together, to the SVB03 fan club, [as we have a good relationship with their fans esp. through similar political views]. A few Sternis and chats with old faces, then off to the ground.

3 EUR entry. Bargain. Their prices put TeBe to shame. 2 EUR for a 0,4l beer, good tasty Bratwurst (apparently), and I was very impressed by the stadium, it would make a nice old-school League 1 stadium in England, compact, terracing et al. A good crowd of TeBe fans had turned up, around 300 (about the same as our home matches!), and I frequently had people coming up to me expressing surprise that I was there (I’d written on the forum that I couldn’t go, to scare some crazy fans (eh Bungle?!) who seriously believe that if I’m there, we win, and they swallowed it!). We resolved some stress as to whether we could put up our banners and then the game started.

I was down at the front, with Doughnut Boy, pretty much for the whole of the first half, and was delighted. We were great. We probably played the best football since I started following TeBe. The most important thing was that you could see we WANTED IT MORE. We were hungrier, harder in the tackle, more committed. But in addition, our passing was great, some great counter-attacks, and Thiam was a rock at the back. We scored after 3 minutes and everyone went nuts, in a kind of disbelief. We then controlled the game. Savran should have scored when put through one-on-one after a dream defence-splitting pass from Lemcke (I think), we hit the angle from a corner, and then Savran made up for it before half-time cooly rounding the keeper after B03 failed to clear and blasting home.

2-0 at half-time, we were ecstatic. ‘Auswaertssieg!’ (‘Away win!’) was screamed repeatedly from our end, and the singing was more or less constant. B03 fans, to their credit, kept singing too.

Second half, B03 came out much stronger and with a lot more bite in the tackle. Too much in fact, as Mutschler got sent off for a disgraceful late tackle. A couple more (Tretschok, ex-Champions League winner, could have walked too). But B03 came swarming at us, and it looked as if we had stopped, and that WE had a man less. Their pressure told when Ben-Hatira headed in a corner at the far post. Game on. By this stage, I was shitting it, all the momentum was on their side. They nearly scored exactly the same corner from the other side; hit the post; Greil dived low to his left to punch away another shot. We had no outlet, Vuckovic drifted out of the game and was replaced, and still we kept pumping high balls forward to no-one, to be attacked again. But we stood firm after 30 minutes of solid pressure, Griesert weaved his magic on the left at times to relieve us, then, after B03 hashed a high-ball clearance, Savran took advantage, sprinted towards the keeper and cooly slotted it past him to make it 3-1. Game over.

How we enjoyed the final whistle! The team gave at least 5 ‘la olas’ (that German thing they do when they win) loads of “That’s what you call a home defeat!” “Forza TeBe Allez allez!” and the like. The belief in the Kobold/ ‘lucky mascot’ had been strengthened, oh crap. 5 points in it, a long way to go, and they still have to come to our place. So the season could still be interesting yet.

Some cool videos of the fans and atmosphere, thanks to Bully, here, here, here and here. Cool photos, thanks to Ruepels here (click on 'Bilder').

Well done to Dejan for being so bold with three up top, well done to all the team, especially Thiam, Griesert, Savran and Schalle who I thought were immense.


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