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Monday, September 25, 2006

The 'Kobold' Is Back...

I'm back in Berlin, for good this time, and I had hoped just in time to witness TeBe FINALLY getting out of this crappy German 4th division. But it looks like I may have arrived too late...

Some other TeBe fans call me 'Kobold', or lucky charm (actually, leprechaun). It all stems from the 2004/5 season, when I first properly started following TeBe. I arrived in Berlin that season in March, TeBe won the first 10 games in a row that I attended, won the Berlin Cup and for a brief spell looked like challenging for promotion. Some misguided eejits made the link between my presence and the team's success, and Kobold was born. Same thing happened last season when I got back for the Berlin Cup final, and we managed to fluke a win right at the end of extra time.

Typical football fans. Superstitious, fanatical, illogical, deluded. Now they think that my arrival is going to kickstart our promotion drive. Even though we're already 8 points behind Babelsberg and not playing well. Yesterday's win only confirmed Kobold status for some. I can't even point out this fact to others, for fear of ruining the magic.

Anyway, from my point of view, TeBe didn't play that well, it was a poor game with lots of stray passes, not much action, but we still deserved to win. A shame that we didn't get to play in the nice ground, and 7 EUR admission was a bit of a joke, but 2 EUR for a big beer was great (TeBe take note). Nice to see everyone again, and don't fear, the Kobold is here!


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