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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

TeBe vs Cuba

I booked my tickets back to the UK a while back as I had to go to my mate's wedding. I was disappointed to miss the first match against Cuba (Cuba won 1-0) and the fan festival to get the season off to a good start. But my flight back in the earlier hours of the 30th was a lucky choice with TeBe playing Cuba at home at 17.00 on that very day - and although perhaps not the greatest match ever, the signs for the coming season were very positive.

TeBe 4 - Cuba 0

Goals: Griesert (13.), Vuckovic (19.), Kadow (50.) and Kollmorgen (71.)

Team: Greil (46. Hampf) - Schalle, Thiam, Below (65. Scholl) - Weidner (53. Karadag), Petrowsky (53. Eckl), Lemcke (46. Mansour), Galic (46. Perez) - Savran (53. Kollmorgen), Vuckovic (46. Fuß), Griesert (46. Kadow).

- I was very impressed with our second giant Thiam in defence who added height but also gave us pace at the back.

- Micha was very unlucky to score twice with some good running and shooting.

- The whole team played some lovely passing plays and looked dangerous up front but solid at the back.

- With Greil and Hampf we have two great goalkeepers to chose from.

- It was just a friendly against a tired and maybe hungover Cuban team but still it is fair to say I think that we can certainly see positive signs for the coming season. See how things go on Friday when we meet Hansa Rostock 2 in the first match of the season. I cant wait.

Back home. A good crowd, lovely weather and a great atmosphere despite the completely mixed fan arrangements making singing a little tricky.

Purple White Indoctrination starts young. Congratulations to Intro S and his family for the real highlight of the day. What a beautiful little baby! Only 10 to go!

After spending the first half catching up with old faces i remembered to take some photos in the second 45 minutes.

TeBe were playing very well, with nice moves, a solid defence and some good chances as well as the 4 goals.

4-0 and a very convincing result.

Despite rumours I think they were really the Cuban team, probably just a bit tired from a long European tour and perhaps a bit hungover.


Fr. 04.08.06 | 19.30 Home vs Hansa 2

We believe in TeBe!


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