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Monday, May 01, 2006

Photo Love Story MSV

27th Match Day | Sun, 30.04.2006 | 14.00 | Mommsenstadion

Tennis Borussia - MSV Neuruppin

TeBe 3:0 (0:0) MSV Neuruppin

Team: Hampf - Mansour - Duygun, Schalle - Thomson (38. Gottlieb), Below (58. Köttig), Lemcke, Perez - Griesert, Galic (70. Kollmorgen) - Kadow.

Referee: René Rohde (Rostock).

Goals: 1:0 (59.) Lemcke, 2:0 (63.) Kadow, 3:0 (85.) Köttig.

Att: 419.

General Thoughts:

- You have to hate MSV really. They get Bayern in the cup this year, have lots of fans, a lovely stadium BUT they still manage to have no money. They have a top team and win matches BUT they dont apply for a license and give the title to Union on a plate. We all hate the Oberliga, we all want out and they have the chance every year but just dont take it.... yes its a mixture of hate and sympathy for their situation and fans.

- Dejan's first match as manager was the away match against MSV where we lost 4-0. Very depressing day and a chance to see how far we have come in the last 6 months. I think most of us would have been happy with a draw, some in fact very happy. Very few thought that there was more than a point in the match for us, me included.

- Being the day after the cup final was held in Berlin the over 400 fans is slightly deceptive. Sure there were a fair few there on the Sunday afternoon but we were boosted by a fair few post-final groundhoppers and a small Kindergarden block from MSV.

- We started the match very cautiously but very little came from MSV, not really until the last 15 minutes of the 1st Half. TeBe controlled the game, Timo having very little to do between the posts.

- Ronny Ermel was back at TeBe after leaving us for MSV. He played the first half an hour or so before being substituted. He didnt have a great impact on the game but it was funny to see him playing again in front of Block E. MSV sadly seemed to have left pretty soon after the match so sadly no Ronny photo.

- In the second half TeBe seemed to go up a gear or two, at some moments even three. MSV just collapsed. TeBe made loads of great chances, used the width well, nice one two passes and a lot of pressure. The first goal a gift but tucked away well by Lemcke.

- 3 Goals and three deserved points. Important for us too that we scored three times without Nenadinho and Fuss. The team beat MSV and made it look easy at times. That means that we have beaten both our major rivals in next season in just a few days. This is looking good. Well done to the team.

- The MSV trainer Wolfgang Sidka is an old TeBe trainer, giving the tradition loving Tennis fans the chance to sing an old traditional ditty after the 2-0 went in: Sidka Raus! Sidka Raus!

- The newish version of "Caravan of Love" was sung and quite well.

So The Photos:

Tennis start off well from the beginning, dominating the game and making chances. Not enough for a goal in the first half but promising stuff. Their goalkeeper looked a bit like Kahn: Oli! Oli! Oli!

A good ammount of people at the match considering the holiday but a suspicious number of Bayern and Frankfurt scarves and even a banner. So 0-0 still at HT.

As we went 2-0 up the MSV ultras started burning something but Babelsberg they are not. Still not bad turn out from them at all.

TeBe pile on the pressure an the third goes in. Good football and exciting open play. Why Ping Pong Alex flew to Spain to see some football I dont know. He missed out here.

The final result and 3 deserved points.

We all shake hands. Quite a friendly match but sometimes it seeemed to boil over a bit. Not an amazingly consistent card distribution system from the referee but he had quite a good game compared to some.

The team can do the "Wave" and we even got a little dance.

Tennis *clap clap clap*

And of course some Caravan of Love!

After the pictures of the choreo in Babelsberg the groundskeeper seems to have got into the spirit, putting purple tape around the "dump area" in the corner. One brave fan checks it out and decides that his drink tastes just as good there as in Block E.

Sidka wasnt happy with the performance of his team. Dejan was and admits to enjoying taking presents by the oppositions defence. A man of few words still but he managed more than 4 sentences this week. A good mood in the TeBe camp.

Well done TeBe.

We believe in tradition!
We believe in TeBe!
We believe that we will go up,
One day!


  • At 12:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    very well !! great summary of sunday. never forget: sidka raus ;)

  • At 5:47 AM, Anonymous Lütte said…

    Ich hatte Sonntag morgen zu lang am Compi gehangen(neue Bilder machen, texte schreiben) und habe deswegen ekelhafter weise verpennt. Bin heua dabei. cu Lütte


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