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Friday, May 05, 2006

Photo Love Story Home To BAK

22 Match day (Postponed from earlier)

Wed, 03.05.2006 | 19.30 Uhr | Mommsenstadion

Tennis Borussia - Berliner AK

TeBe 1:2 (0:2) Berliner AK

Team: Hampf - Gottlieb (42. Petrowsky), Schmidt, Eckl - Griesert (42. Vuckovic), Thomson (46. Kollmorgen), Lemcke, Köttig, Galic - Kadow, Fuß.

Ref: Matthias Klatte (Wildau).

Goals: 0:1 (26.) Inal, 0:2 (38.) Ben-Hatira, 1:2 (90.) Kadow.

Att: 248.

Yellow-Red: Schmidt (51., Foul.)

General Thoughts:

- Well the first word that springs to mind is "Boring!". After the first half I felt like going home. OK I wasnt feeling in the best of moods anyways but really the match was terrible.

- This is seen in the subs, all between the 42nd and 46th minute. Some of the players seemed tired and it just wasnt really working for us in the first half.

- In the 2nd Half things got better, TeBe dominating the game for longer stretches. The spark still wasnt quite there though.

- A really disappointing turn out fan wise, but they didnt miss much.

- Was Fuss offside? It was certainly a great move and he banged it in like his best days.... BUT Holgi says it was offside and although I have my doubts, we both were on the line and he has the height advantage from the stand.

- Schmidt got sent off in the 51st minute after picking up a second yellow. As Dejan said later, the team really did show fight with just 10 men despite being 2 down as well.

- We deserved a goal and got one from Kadow in the dying seconds. To be fair we didnt deserve a win after the terrible first half.

- The alarming thing was our complete inability to deal with the quick breaks from BAK. Ok, perhaps our players were tired but I worry that we are perhaps, even on a good day, very open to these quick attacks.


Turned up a bit late but was still surprised how few people were actually walking to the stadium. When I got in I saw the stadium pretty much empty.

Popped up to see Bungle and Holgi. Here the view from Holgi's eagle eye view in the stands.

Got to Block E and its also very empty. Didnt take any photos of the First Half because it was all too depressing. Needless to say, we went in at HT 2-0 down already. Come on Boys!

We started the 2nd half much better. Then Schmidt got sent off and I thought that would be it.

But TeBe stayed in the game and started putting on the pressure, creating a lot of chances.

Finally a goal but the time is ticking against us.

Its all over.

The team warm down and discuss their tactics.

Oh well.... there's still the cup final.


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