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Monday, March 06, 2006

Match Review vs Rostock

Here the stats:

Match day 20 | Fr, 03.03.2006 | 19.30 | Mommsenstadion

Tennis Borussia - Hansa Rostock II

TeBe 3:1 (3:1) Hansa Rostock II

Team: Hampf - Schmidt - Eckl, Schalle (74. Gottlieb) - Petrowsky - Weidner, Lemcke (58. Köttig), Kadow, Galic - Vuckovic (81. Selanci), Fuß.

Goals: 1:0 (9.) Fuß, 1:1 (13., Pen) Yelen, 2:1 Lemcke (32.), 3:1 (36., Pen) Fuß.

Att: 330.

Sorry the delay in posting but I was having so internet problems earlier. General thoughts:

- The state of the pitch gave me the impression that the match was going to be a scrappy one that could go eaither way. In fact TeBe were the far better team.

- The team managed to play some very nice passing moves and seemed extremely fit and well prepared. This again was a nice surprise considering it was 3 months since the last league match! Perhaps at times we did look a bit rusty but still all in all very positive.

- Rostock must have had at least 50 fans making 330 a disappointing fan turnout for TeBe, especially as we had a fair few guest fans supporting us as well.

- It was great to be able to watch live league matches again.

Thats about it. The second half was as to be expected pretty standard for a 3-1 lead. Chance on both sides but nothing to write home about.


  • At 12:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    nice game indeed. unfortunately you´re right, 330 are more than a bit disappointing for the greatest club in the world, but it was quite a nice evening nevertheless, after such a long time without any football. i understand that the crowd hates it being banned from block e, but i enjoyed having the supporters a bit more close than i´m used to it and to feel some atmosphere, and some others from upstairs even did.
    hope we´ll play on wednesday! no doubt that we´re gonna beat them.



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