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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Match That Never Was.

Who is this camera shy super star at the airport? Posted by Picasa

My first job of the day was, as inofficial international fan representative, was to pick up this camera-shy superstar at the airport. Still expecting a match at Babelsberg the Kobald, for it is he, is raring for the game like all the other fans.... thing is, the match has been cancelled.

There is a rumour though, that some of the fans are going to move the match to our ground and have invited the Babelsberg fans for a support night. If the match is cancelled then we will do it ourselves. The Winter break has gone on for far too long.

I can hear people singing but its pitch black and we cant see anything. Posted by Picasa

After a nightmare S-Bahn journey we arrive with a few beers at the stadioum to find nothing. The gates were open and inside we could he singing from afar. But where are they all?

Suddenly the lights go on.... and there they are singing in the dark. Posted by Picasa

Perhaps at the time we should have wondered why the lights came on, but the excitement of seeing everyone again and singing a song was too much for any rational thought.

Yes the party army is here and singing for their team! Posted by Picasa

Well as you can see from the photo quality the light still isnt amazing but enough to say hello, share a beer and sing a song or five. We even have a referee and we arrive just after Fuss has put us 2-0 up from a penalty in the 35th minute.

not a player in sight! Posted by Picasa

It was a strange atmosphere with just 50 or so very fans singing their hearts out in a stadium to an imaginary game... but with no players.

Just Fans... mad fanatic football freaks! Posted by Picasa

Not a soul here apart from the fans.

Even Biber's beer stand is shut. Posted by Picasa

Good job we brought our own beers but seeing Biber would have been class.

Why the police? There isn't really even a match on! Posted by Picasa

Unfortunately there was a little misunderstanding and the police arrived to make sure that all was well. When the fans of 2 clubs arrange to meet up anyways when a match has been cancelled at an empty stadium, then you would have thought that the police would be there in force. But TeBe is a bit different, friendly fans and up for a laugh. The police were amazed at the idea of having a match without a match and it was only when we were explaining to them what was going on did I realise how absolutely ludicrous the idea was.

Once we got to talk to the Groundskeeper, he and the police saw the funny side of the story and no charges were made. The match ended at 2-0 for TeBe.

We left the stadium to get on our way to the pub to drink a few more beers and swap some stories. On the way our referee just cant quit his day job and continued to regulate proceedings with bookings and cards.

The ref pulls out his cards! Posted by Picasa

Now a comment was made and the referee takes action.

and it's red! Posted by Picasa

A harsh decision and as other fans protest, our referee takes no prisoners.

and he's off too! Posted by Picasa

No back talking allowed. We get to the pub and party onwards, not knowing that at the same time this story was being picked up by the media.... probably due to TeBe's amazing media spokesman Hagen.

The teletext has picked up our story Posted by Picasa

And not just the teletext!

Oberliga Forum
Focus Magazine
Yahoo Sports

Probably the first silly football story of the World Cup year.... and TeBe get the credit for the maddest fans in the world. A special thanks to the Groundskeeper for his great sense of humour and fair play. You are a star.

*** The photos in this report belong to me, they arent very good but if you wish to use them please ask for permission. A comment here will probably do the trick.***


  • At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Stop the fucking Winterpause!

  • At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Doughnut Boy Andy said…

    Hi, coming from England I cant stand or understand the winter break. This wasn't really a protest though, just a friendly meet up. Who knows though, perhaps others will be interested in starting a no winter break campaign. It has certainly been a disaster for the lower leagues for at least 2 seasons now.

  • At 9:31 AM, Blogger Spangly Princess said…

    haha ace story (friend of Jim's here) that's class.


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